Duh: Dr Wertham was the Al Gore of comic books

If Dr Wertham has been a comic book villain, his name would be “The Piltdown Man.”

People are just figuring this out sixty years later?

Years after feminist “rape” and “domestic abuse” stats have been debunked, along with the “data” in Silent Spring and The Dialectic of Sex and the Kinsey Reports and The Feminine Mystique?

The Rosenbergs were guilty. Sacco and Vanzetti were guilty. Alger Hiss was guilty. OJ was guilty. Lee Harvey Oswald was guilty. Mumia was guilty. Leonard Peltier was guilty.

One day we’ll find out the Scotboro Boys did it.

BONUS awesome via a black liberal at the Atlantic, just today:

[Betty] Friedan even went on to coin the phrase “Lavender Menace” in the late 1960s in reference to the threat that lesbian feminists supposedly posed to NOW and to the feminist movement as a whole.

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