‘How movies and videogames are more accurate about recent history than the newspapers’


The Los Angeles Times was much celebrated for epic reporting on racism in the Rampart Division, but mostly they just covered up that the four central very bad cops in Rampart were all diversity hires.


The real Dorner question: Not why was he fired, but why was he hired?

Affirmative action in action!

From the comments:

It took me three years and over 200 applications, four interviews and a move to a small town 350 miles from home to achieve my goal of employment as a train crew member on a Class 1 or 2 railroad, from a minimum wage job as a crew van driver.

In the meantime, three people-one white female, one (sort of) black female and one black male-I urged to apply with the first railroad and duty station I worked at have been hired, all on first application, two of which quit within six months. The third will probably quit when she gets back from her second maternity leave.

Ex-cops I work with here tell me the police departments are just like the railroad.

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