‘Black individuals have been found to report the highest levels of self-esteem of any racial group in the United States’

Let’s go to the video!

From the comments:

I have to confess, I’m not a regular Jeopardy watcher and therefore didn’t realize that the tourney was based on a 2-day total. Given that Nilai had 19,000 from Day One, had he gotten the answer correct he’d have had 19,000 plus 21,400 = 40,400 total. Leonard, having bet nothing, would have still had $40,000 and NOT won $75,000. So we’d have been seeing this video for an entirely different reason.

Could be that he was just super confident Nilai would get it wrong, but Occam’s Razor says he either forgot that it was a 2-day total or he’s bad at math.

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