‘A Dozen Unlikely Assholes’

Gavin McInnes on Greeks, koalas and various annoying handicapped people.

And Rastas.

I learned this stuff reading Julie Burchill in high school, but bashing Rastas never gets old, especially if you live in Toronto and are surrounded by them:

They look like a lot of fun when they sing about sunshine on kids’ shows, but Rastas are Jamaicans and even Jamaican nerds will cut off your face. Rastafarians take the Caribbean’s latent racism, crime, homophobia, and sexism and make it into a religion. Their bizarre belief system meant Bob Marley couldn’t amputate his cancerous toe (as Jim Goad put it, “Haile Selassie? Highly retarded”), but they’re convinced the whole thing was part of an evil Caucasoid plot. They think they best cure for homosexuality is a “gunshot,” and the worst swear word they can think of is women’s sanitary napkin. One love, indeed.

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