My NEW Talk Radio Watch column is up

Enjoy FREE audio and video highlights from the week in conservative talk radio, including reactions to Obama’s State of the Union from Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Michael Savage.

MORE radio stuff:

  • World Radio Day is huge — in Finland.
  • A Valentine to radio:
    “Radio is the friend that never asks for anything in return. Radio is a companion that is always there – day and night – 24/7. It talks to you, entertains you, informs you, and at times has even saved lives. In return, all it asks is that you come back and spend time with it.
  • Mark Steyn and Hugh Hewitt talk about cruises, Hegel and the Pope.
  • Read the whole thing:

    “The message all of nationally syndicated talk radio conveys can be consumed, digested and incorporated in the average human brain in about 2 years.  After that there is an ‘addiction’ phase where you like to hear your logic confirmed by people who aren’t lefitst ideologues that can easily run a decade.”


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