‘Racist prank’ actually shows that some folks are fed up with your brand of ‘education’

The Simon Wiesenthal Center in Toronto is all aflutter over a joke sign claiming that blacks have to pay a surcharge to eat at McDonald’s, to account for “a recent string of robberies.”

It’s not even a very clever joke because, as everyone knows, you don’t have to tip at McDonald’s, so it should’ve been some kind of “gratuity” gag instead.


It doesn’t occur to the Simon Wiesenthal Center that their constant nagging at innocent people about what what racists they are inevitably prompts a few of them to poke back.

Also? Facts — which these days, are the exact opposite of what the Center means when they say “education.”

PS: Will we have a little more “education” about Wiesenthal himself, or…?

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