David Solway speaks in Toronto: Monday Feb 25

Via email:

Join the Jewish Defence League for an evening with David Solway, to discuss the urgent need to change Jewish Leadership and Jewish Ideals

Monday Febuary 25, 7:30 pm, Toronto Zionist Center, 788 Marlee Avenue

For additional information call JDL at 416-736-7000

David Solway’s launch of his new Freedom Press book “The Boxthorn Tree”

“National officials, press barons, journalists, Internetians, “Human Rights” agencies, public intellectuals and a growing segment of the vox populi are tapping increasingly into the poisoned aquifer of anti-Jewish and anti-Zionist feeling. Yet what is perhaps even more disconcerting is the comparable attitude of many in the Jewish community today, mainly of the Left, who have made common cause with their enemies, defamers and traducers. There is not much question that what we are observing is a pathology of the first magnitude, what the Talmudic sages called sin’at akhim, or brotherly hatred, an element of Jewish life sufficiently pronounced to merit a name of its own. This book redresses the cowardly rise of Jewish self-hatred.

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