‘…the Times keeps asking the reader to be surprised by something that is not a surprise at all…’

The New York Times will close its doors within the next five to ten years…


Hey, Clybourne Park won a Pulitzer. But it’s different when “they” say stuff (fifty years later, on the safety of a Broadway stage.)

That’s all terribly outmoded and deplorable, but it was also accurate. My late in-laws owned a two-flat in Chicago’s working-class white Austin neighborhood. When middle-class black families much like the Hansberrys started to move in during 1967, their less liberal neighbors told them to Sell Now.

They vowed to stay and make integration work.

Unfortunately, underclass blacks quickly drove genteel blacks out.

After their small children were mugged three times on the street, my in-laws finally fled in 1970, having lost half their house’s net worth.

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