Joe Biden advises citizens to commit felonies!

Debate the finer points of shotgun self-defence with the commenters at HotAir:

I would like warn those who might consider following crazy Joe’s advice that firing a warning shot is a felony in most states. You can only use deadly force if you believe your life is imminent dager. By warning shot you are admitting it wasn’t. At a minimum you can be charged with a negligent discharge but you also can be charged armed assault or attempted murder. My recommendation is that if choose to employ deadly force shoot for center mass. If there is reason to beleve that your life was danger you will walk. If you are involved a DGU STFU until you have counsel. Even if the cops buy your story anything you say can get you sued.

Although I own a shotgun, a Remington 11-87 autoloader, it is not my prefered self defense weapon. Too much risk of collateral damage to my dogs if I use shot and launching a high velocity slug runs the risk of lighting up one of neighbors down the street. My weapon of choice is a 230 grain 45 ACP hollow point fired from a M1911. It will blow through my brick and plaster walls but will not have velicoty as it exits to kill anybody.


Get a 21″ barrel pump 870 or a nova, or even a mossberg. put one (because, unlike obozo’s shotgun, yours won’t take two) improved cylinder choketube in it. get magazine extension tube (50 bucks thru cabelas). that should give you eight shots. put 4 rounds of #2 heavyshot into the mag first (you’re an elite, you can afford it) then 2 round of lead No 4′s, then 2 rounds of no.6′s. The first 2 shots will show you mean business and lose most of their energy in your drywall. The 2nd 2 shots will put down the diehards and drugged out nutjobs, and if you make it to the last 4, well, you’ll need all the help you can get anyway.

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