Will Discovery’s ‘Argo: Inside Story’ finally showcase Canada’s role?

I doubt it.

Dear Americans — This is why people don’t like you. (You’re welcome):

Mark Lijek, a retired U.S. diplomat rescued from Iran:

Ben Affleck’s Argo has stormed box offices, collected awards and soon, perhaps, will capture an Oscar, yet Canadians of a certain age may find themselves thinking: This is not quite how I remember those days. I was there when Iranians took over the American Embassy in Tehran, and it is not quite how I remember them either. Argo is terrific entertainment, but it tells only a part of our story, and says nothing at all about many of the real heroes—most Canadian—who helped rescue us.

Before Argo came along, our rescue was routinely called the “Canadian Caper.” It still should be.  (…)

Phase two could have been handled a number of ways. Given the alternatives, I would have gladly accepted living under the floor, the way Argo depicts us hiding at one point. Our experience was radically different. We were treated like family and lacked for nothing. Zena guarded us during the day. Sheardown became like a father to us. We awaited his daily return from work. First would come a formal meal, always excellent thanks to Lolita. Then drinks in the den and conversation about the latest office gossip Sheardown had to share, as well as listening to the BBC and Voice of America news.

The joke is that suburban Toronto is supposed to look like Iran — and now, years later, it does!!

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