‘Never Doubt That Kurt Eichenwald Cares Deeply About Gay Kids With Bad Haircuts’

Progressives live in the past.

They still think their bullying tactics work, especially their Selma-era “I’m gonna start a boycott against you” bullshit.

The same tired, tapped out bullshit that doubled Glenn Beck’s net worth in 12 months.

Now some guy at Vanity Fair is trying it with R.S. McCain.

A guy who is very, VERY caught up in the lives of male teens for some reason.

The advertiser, in forwarding the note, remarked that she is “a former socialist turned conservative” who is not intimidated by Eichenwald’s secondary boycott threat, which looks for all the world like a re-play of the “Stop Rush” operation.

A lot of people are probably wondering, “Who the hell is Kurt Eichenwald?” You can consult his Wikipedia entry. His biggest controversy was a story about a teenage boy running a pornography site, in which Eichenwald reportedly paid money to the site operator and . . . something about “ethics”:

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