The list of new-to-me movies I have to see keeps growing, dammit

On 2/26, Scorpion Releasing presents CELIA, CHILD OF TERROR! Celia is a lonely nine-year-old girl growing up in the Melbourne suburbs in the late 1950s. She is the victim of several traumas that led to horrific results, and she suffers from nightmares from a book read to her at school. For a spell, her troubles are abated when a new family moves in next door with three children for Celia to play with. But her parents forbid her to play with the children, because the parents are members of the Communist Party. It all comes to a head when, because of a national plague of rabbits, the Victoria State government orders a turning over of all domestic rabbits. When her uncle confiscates her beloved pet rabbit, Celia’s world explodes with terrifying results.

Lots of buzz about this “car break down” thriller:

On the other hand, this is another reason NOT to miss the 70s.

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