Pope Rap: There’s nothing older than the latest thing

Centuries-old Protestant slanders against the Church, set to rap music.

But maybe we’re making progress:

At least I didn’t hear Trevor Moore make any references to the Crusades or even the Inquisition.

On the other hand, the Church can complain all it wants about how the media (mis)reports the “child molester” stuff (and Catholics are right about these complaints about half the time) but the fact remains that some of these crimes occurred and the Church messed up, big time.

The Church started it, so it can’t really complain about others “getting the story wrong.”

This is like Charles Manson insisting (correctly) “I wasn’t even there!” Guess what: nobody cares.

This is a funny video. Period.

This guy and his old comedy troupe have produced some fantastic stuff.

But yeah, you know what I’m gonna say:

Make this video about Mohammed next.

With a nine-year-old girl working that stripper pole.

Just saying.

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