National Post steals another story from my blogger-husband

Read all about it.

This puts Bernie Farber in an interesting quandary (although the following may be over his little head):

This weekend he call a bunch of us “racists.”

(Not me, I presume — I actually didn’t blog about that verdict. Ooops.)

But the National Post and other media outlets steal stories from us all the time.

Sun News credits us (usually) but the National Post rarely does.

Is the National Post “racist” by association?

If we’re such extreme, fringe, crazy people, why are major media outlets using us for story ideas?

Why doesn’t Bernie Farber confront them about this outrage?

By the way: I wonder what t-shirt he was wearing when he tweeted this?

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 6.28.59 AM

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