Who is dumber here: the white guy or the Sikhs?

This cretin deserves to be punished, obviously.

But what the f*** kind of “community” is this?

North Staffordshire Justice Centre heard the victim – who cannot be named for legal reasons after a judge ruled that the shame of the incident had led to him being ostracised from his community – had faced the most ‘gratuitous degradation.’

Giving evidence [the victim] said: ‘Taking a turban off a Sikh guy in public is just like hanging him in public.

‘After this I was not able to face my colleagues.

‘If this happened in India a man would never go to this place again, it is that disgraceful.

‘My self-esteem and confidence – everything has been shattered because of this incident.’

Then your culture is asinine.

You’re not in India, by the way.

Also? Being “ostracised by your community” or “disowned by your family” sounds awesome to me under these circumstances.

The “communities” who bitch the most about “racism” actually take more abuse from their own kind than they do from outsiders.

But they dare not complain about the real problem but project it onto hapless outsiders — some of who stupidly take the bait.

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