Dear Warren Kinsella: How can I be a ‘white supremacist…’?

When actual “white supremacists” hate my guts?

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Of course, asking Warren Kinsella to make sense of his own sputterings is a waste of time.

Here he is in the Sun, declaring that:

a) hateful actions are always preceded by hateful words

b) he’s fantasized about attacking Whatcott, but

c) he never actually did it, of course.

And indeed, the only violence every directly connected to Whatcott’s pamphlets have been assaults on his person, by outraged gays.

In other words, no gays were harmed in the making and distribution of Whatcott’s pamphlets, and their supposedly toxic and violence-inducing contents, which have now been reproduced around the world with no notable increase in the crime rate.

Oddly enough, Warren Kinsella has never, to my knowledge, expressed a desire to physically attack Muslim imams who say many of the same things about homosexual behavior that Whatcott does — in fact, they say many things I’d consider much worse.

Whatcott’s pamphlets confine themselves to quoting Jesus, some bits of the Old Testament and remarking that homosexual acts can be a threat to public health.

The government of Canada and the Center for Disease Control agree with that.

It is simply a well-documented fact that even after they were informed that bathhouse behavior was a leading cause of the spread of AIDS, many gays insisted on continuing to perform these behaviors, because — to steal a Dennis Miller joke — “the Man ain’t gonna tell James Dean how fast he can drive!”

I was just chatting to my gay Muslim pal the other day about the gay men who openly boast about spreading HIV to other men as a kind of game.

Of course, that would be their own sordid business if gay activists weren’t still extorting billions of dollars for “AIDS research” that could have gone to cure cancer and other diseases that effect more people, not to mention pushing people who don’t agree with their agenda out of jobs.

Anyway, Kinsella knows an awful lot about “hate speech” — but you know liberals:

It’s different when they do it.

Selective outrage. Moral preening. It’s really all they have left.

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