A Canadian Electoral Primer: Object lesson for Western democracies

David Solway:

As for Liberal heir presumptive Justin Trudeau, he possesses absolutely no experience in governing.

Intellectually vacuous, his only accomplishments to date include a spell as a public school drama teacher, a victory in a charity boxing match and grandstanding as a traveling MP, earning mega-bucks in speaker’s fees.

Like Mulcair, he has massaged Quebec’s separatist movement, opining that he could under certain circumstances sympathize with its aims (a sentiment later retracted under pressure), and trawls for Muslim votes, having eagerly addressed a decidedly dubious Reviving the Islamic Spirit conference, one of its original sponsors a multi-million dollar donor to Hamas.

Trudeau also has a distressing habit of alluding to himself by his proper name, a royal attribution unbefitting a democratic politician.

Justin Trudeau has no ideas — he is the perfect cipher who blows with the winds of political fashion.

He will do his party’s bidding and put a lacquered gloss on a haggard platform.

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