BREAKING: Toronto Muslims force rabbi to drop out of hosting Pamela Geller event (video)

pam-geller-ad2-2-jpg-791x1024May 2 UPDATE: 8:30 AM ET

A NEW LOCATION for Pamela Geller’s talk has been finalized.

It will take place at the Toronto Zionist Center, same date and time.

UPDATE: Here’s the contact information for York Region’s Police Chief Eric Jolliffe:

[email protected]


PLUS – In a must read post,Scaramouche comments:

Nice, isn’t it, when police act as the muscle for certain groups who deplore Western traditions of free speech.

I learned about this last night (May 1) but now it is official.

NOTE: The event WILL go on, the night of May 13, somewhere in the Toronto area.

You can (and should) still buy your tickets while you can — everyone who does so will be informed about the new venue when they have one secured.

And read my blog and the newly redesigned JDL site for all the updates.

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