‘What is a ‘hit piece’ exactly? I learned the term in journalism school at Northwestern’


Trust no one in the media, left or right.

Just, well, trust me on that “right” part, ok?

Anyhow, here’s Mandy Stadt:

At The Post it was referred to as a “takedown,” which Sorkin developed his storyline around, then did not make good on his agreement to use me as a consultant for his show.

(Which, in case it wasn’t clear in the piece I wrote about that experience, this is the reason why I felt justified telling the incredibly curated story of the inside information and storyline I gave Sorkin. He then used this information as the backbone of an episode for HBO, without employing and compensating me, which is the very first thing I pitched when I met with him, and he said, “Absolutely.”) (…)

Watch “The Wire.” Do you know how easy it is to simply make up quotes? I’ve worked with tons of reporters who have done so. Decorated reporters. Reporters with a lot of “heat.” It’s easy as pie.

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