‘I thought Dissent and Commentary had merged…’

The IRS targeted Commentary for purely political reasons:

As it happens, I know something about the chilling effect of an IRS investigation into a non-profit’s 501 (c)-3 status because in 2009, COMMENTARY (a non-profit) received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service threatening the revocation of the institution’s standing as a non-profit due to a claim that on our website we had crossed the line in the 2008 election from analysis to explicit advocacy of the candidacy of John McCain for president. (Non-profits are not permitted to endorse candidates.) The charge was false—all we had done was reprint a speech delivered at a COMMENTARY event by then-Sen. Joseph Lieberman in which he had endorsed McCain.

Taking away a non-profit’s ability to receive tax-exempt charitable contributions is equivalent to a death sentence.

Yes, and?

People only donate to Commentary to get the tax receipt?

When you hook yourself up to the government, this is what you can expect to happen to you.

I’m a fan of Commentary, and I’m outraged by what’s being revealed about the IRS, although not shocked; Glenn Beck and many of his staffers were all suddenly audited a few years ago.

But: unless you withdraw from the game, you have to expect to get tackled once in a while.

Churches need to forfeit their non-profit status and so do many organizations, like magazines, if they want to be truly free.

Here’s some more disgusting “charity” crap, via Laura Rosen Cohen:

Two organizations bearing Anne Frank’s name are in a bitter dispute over the possession of the Frank family archive, in an echo of a court battle they fought in the 1990s over which one had the right to trademark the Holocaust victim’s name.

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