‘I’m not here to slam ‘Erotica Nights…”

Then… why are you bringing up this non-story?

Oh, I forgot:

That’s what “we” do now…

OMG! The woman owned a bookstore!

She didn’t buy Chicken Soup for the Soul at WalMart!

Next we’ll find out that this chick likes to order from the — excuse me!! — tasting menu at the — ewwww!!! — sushi joint!

Conservatives slam hipsters, and it’s fun.

But we need to start calling out “hicksters,” too.

Over at the source of this “story,” The Daily Caller, it strikes me funny that the two bylined reporters are guys with Jewish surnames.

I’m reminded of Brett Butler’s old routine:

“So then I married a Jewish guy. Which is nice cuz he doesn’t beat me. Of course, he won’t tie me up either like I want him to, but…”

Maybe Butler wasn’t hanging out with the right ones?

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