College is a waste of time and money. Drop out.

Google just threw its whole old-fashioned HR process out the window.

Penelope Trunk adds:

If you doubt the argument, look at Google, which was once the quintessential education snobbery place of employment.  They cut you off during the screening process if you didn’t go to the right school or have high enough SAT scores or GPA.

They’ve done away with all those qualifiers, and instead, they use an algorithm that decreases the importance of college and SAT scores and increases the importance of what you do with your time and who you associate with online.


Don’t worry about reading this post instead of doing work. After all, Josh’s profile came to my inbox from someone who reads the Internet all day long. (…)

So go ahead and spend too much time online. Read blogs all day to stay employable. Your real work is figuring out where the new ideas are and being a part of them. That’s how you’ll get your next job. And the next.

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