A reader’s thoughts on HUD’s ‘busing with houses’ plan to racially diversify suburbia

My reader writes about the program I linked to yesterday:

My brother-in-law does maintenance work for a man who buys and then flips or rents foreclosed properties.  Until a few weeks ago, he also used to do HUD rentals.  These houses rented for somewhere in the neighborhood of $1000 — and these are free-standing houses, not apartments — and HUD (read: taxpayers) pay the rent.  Every single HUD house has had the tenants evicted.  And every single HUD house has been utterly destroyed by the tenants.  We’re not talking dirty carpets and walls.  We’re talking toilets smashed, flooring ripped up, holes in walls/ceilings, refrigerators and stoves/ovens so dirty they could be classified as a “bio-hazard” and are beyond salvation.  This is on top of infestations of bugs, etc. and — of course — general filth and misbehavior.  His boss is getting out of the HUD rental business (while Obama still allows it), because it ends up costing him more to rent/evict/clean up after HUD tenants than the money he’s making.

And it’s not the race — the HUD tenants are all races — but the behavior.  They don’t give a shit about the property because it’s not theirs, they’re not paying for it, so who cares if they trash the place and live like it’s some third-world hellhole?  It’s “free” (to them…just like their food stamps and their cell phones and their childcare).  When we were first married, we lived in a small apartment in an on-the-border area of the city.  The worst neighbors we had were white (they managed to kick/gouge a hole through the solid wood door to their apartment, among other things), the best were black.  But the black neighbors owned their home and cared for their property.  The white renters had no such incentive (and were dysfunctional as well).

So what Obama is going to do is allow that sort of behavior to infest neighborhoods where people take pride in their property.  I bust my ass every single day maintaining my yard and my home because I am extremely proud to be a homeowner and take pride in keeping my property looking nice.  But I don’t matter to Obama.  He is perfectly okay with my property values taking a dive because that HUD family down the block trashes their home because it’s “fair.”  I hope all those racial guilt ridden white liberal Democrats who voted for Obama, living in their posh condos and their quiet little exclusive enclaves, are the first ones to be integrated.  They are all for the Lightworker and his policies, so let them put their money where their mouth is and have the gang banger with three baby mommas move in next door, first.  Goodness knows Obama won’t be allowing them to get anywhere near his little estate down in Chicago.

I work for the city where I live in the department that oversees residential property codes.  I can tell you that codes are often more strictly enforced against property owners like me (white, middle class) far more than they are against the problem properties, simply because the property owners (usually landlords and not owner occupants) and the tenants don’t care.  Any fines levied on the property go on the tax bill and when they don’t pay that, the city takes the property after a fixed amount of years.

All Obama is doing is ensuring decent areas and decent people pull a Detroit and move to neighborhoods that aren’t just this side of a third-world slum.  As we’ve discussed before, I intend to fight.  I paid good money for my house and — after moving several times during our marriage — I am not packing and uprooting my family again because Obama wants to “diversify” my neighborhood.

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