No, didn’t see Colin Quinn while he played Toronto

That would involve leaving the house.

So here’s someone else’s review:

And if anyone had doubts Quinn could make American history funny and entertaining to a theatre packed full of Canadians, he proved them wrong. Unconstitutional was a funny, thought-provoking and tight hour of comedy that proved Colin remains one of the masters of observational humor.

As great as Long Story Short was, Unconstitutional was even better. (…)

While ostensibly a history lesson, Quinn never forgets first and foremost to make the audience laugh. The conceit of the show merely provides a structure on which Quinn hangs his incisive, laser-accurate social observations and one-liners.

Grousing on the fact that America is too divided into partisan Republic or Democrat lines, Colin jokes, “I’m pro-abortion, pro-death penalty, pro-gay marriage and pro-gun. Does that make me a Republican or a Democrat? I think that just makes me against overcrowding.

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