Every Blogger Keeps Asking, ‘Gee, How Can I Get Brett Kimberlin to Sue Me?’

Robert Stacy McCain writes:

The envy has only increased since launched Monday. It’s really kind of unfair for the five of us to monopolize the fun of being targets of lawfare and harassment by the World’s Worst Pro Se Litigant™ — a convicted perjurer and bomber, who can’t even get basic facts right on his lying court documents. (…)

Something else: Brett Kimberlin really, really hates when people mention the sex charges his wife filed against him July 29. Sure, the charges got dropped, so there’s no chance he’s going to be arrested and put in jail for (allegedly) violating Maryland law.

But the simple fact that a 40-ish federal convict on parole would be having sex with a Ukrainian teenager…

I wrote about Brett Kimberlin over at PJMedia a while back.

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