Looking ‘Barack to the Future’: Mark Steyn’s America Alone Revisited

As part of PJMedia’s NEW Freedom Academy Book Club, Ed Driscoll looks back:

But Mark’s comments are so interesting, as we compare the current innervated state of what was once called “The War on Terror,” with Iraq abandoned by Mr. Obama after it was secured by President Bush’s surge, Afghanistan soon to be abandoned after Mr. Obama’s own surge, Israel on its own, Iran about go nuke, Putin eating Obama and Kerry’s lunch in Syria, Benghazi, the debacle that was the “Arab Spring,” etc. No wonder Mark titled the sequel After America, whose cover featured a cadaverous Uncle Sam sporting a toe tag.

In other words, the fall of 2006, which at the time seemed like the nadir, the perigee of the Bush administration, now seems increasingly like the Good Old Days.

So let’s flash back to that era, to see where the War on Terror stood, and how the left ran America off the rails in the years since.

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