Rob Ford sounds like he’s doing a Hulk Hogan impression because… he’s doing a Hulk Hogan impression

Via email, in case you haven’t found this out yet, not that our elite media snobs would deign to know anything about wrestling:

About the so-called death threats video…

As well as it being obvious that Ford is acting in the video and isn’t being serious, a commenter at Kate’s (mikepop) noticed that Ford says “brother” alot in the Star’s longish video and that is the same thing that Hulk Hogan always says as part of his act.

So it not only looks like Ford was hamming it up for the videographer but that he was probably doing it around the same time as his phoney arm-wrestling match against Hogan at, IIRC, the CNE; so it’s perfectly reasonable to deduce he was imitating Hogan.

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