Let me fix that headline for you, Warren Kinsella:

Kinsella+Bullarama+001“My friend and I are losers, regardless of the outcome.”

As an ex-punk, I actually don’t care that Warren Kinsella and his best friend are in a “punk” band.

I care that Warren Kinsella would have denounced his own band’s name, songs, band merch and record covers long ago as representative of someone unfit for office — if it had been a band manned by conservatives.

Kinsella notoriously tried and failed to discredit Mark Steyn for using words like “wogs.”

Kinsella knows very well that Steyn was using these words in a very particular context, satirically; to achieve an anachronistic effect; and — in the great English tradition — to “wind up” the Kinsella’s of the world –  but he obviously didn’t care.

As I’ve asked time and again, given the increasingly dubious, socially toxic, amusing and impotent one-way definitions of “racist” and “sexist” and “offensive” etc that liberals like Kinsella continue to refine and often misuse for their own purposes:

How many Clash records does Warren Kinsella own?

How many Dead Kennedys and Stranglers on vinyl?

Why, one of Kinsella’s books HAS A SWASTIKA ON THE COVER!!!

There’s a reason I call liberalism “It’s Different When We Do It!”ism.

Oh, and just a reminder about Kinsella’s awesome political track record — the one that earns him a mid-six figure income:

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