Our elites are the ‘inbred hicks’ they make fun of

Exhibit A:



RELATED – literally:

So it is with more amusement than surprise that we learn that among those currently vying for the Grit’s leadership are a former prime minister’s son…and his father’s former mistress.


As we all know, Tories are Bertie Woosters, while Labour casts its nets far and wide to find its leadership in the coal mines and other proletarian places. For example, the current Labour leader is Ed Miliband, whose father was a famous Marxist college professor. In contrast to the inbred Tories who all come from the same social background, Ed’s chief rival for party leadership was David Miliband, whose father was also a famous Marxist college professor. In fact, he was the same famous Marxist college professor.

This pattern is not all that uncommon in the Labour Party leadership. Left of center politicians have been eugenically bred in England since the time of Darwin and Galton. For example, shadow cabinet minister Hilary Benn is a fourth-generation MP. His father, the Grand Old Man of the Labour Party Tony Benn, used to be Anthony Wedgwood Benn, 2nd Viscount Stansgate. In other words, the Benns are part of the same china-making Wedgwood family as Charles Darwin’s mother and wife.


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