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AP “apologizes” for accusing pro-lifers of calling their opponents “Satanist” — after the pro-abortion demonstrators chanted “Hail, Satan.”

The AP’s “corrected version of the story” noted:

“In some versions of a story March 12 about possible Republican presidential contenders talking about abortion, The Associated Press reported erroneously that they called abortion rights activists Satan worshippers [False]. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said abortion rights activists had chanted ‘Hail, Satan,’ [True] referencing a rally last year in Austin, Texas.” (…)

Even some liberals were taken aback. Melinda Henneberger of The Washington Post, which published the erroneous AP report, recognized that the “multiple complaints about news media bias [mentioned during the SBA List event] seemed pretty accurately reflected in the initial Associated Press report.” She clarified, “no one did call their opponents Satan-worshipers or savages,” “which certainly isn’t how those demonstrators would see it, but also isn’t the same as calling them Satan-worshipers.”

Henneberger concluded, “Isn’t the political rhetoric about this divide rancorous enough without exaggerating?” Even The National Journal had to update Emma Roller’s bizarre piece in which she somehow thought it relevant to dig up a Satanist to take offense at the jab at Satanists.

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