Exactly. Why have idiots been repeating this idiotic meme about ‘The Daily Show’ for, what, ten years?

“Young people today get their news from The Daily Show!!!”

But as I’ve been saying:

The ratings of Tosh.0 are higher than those of network-mates The Daily Show and The Colbert Report combined.

How does that supposedly translate into votes and worldview? (I wish…)

Anyhow, one reason Rush Limbaugh makes $40 million a year is because he stubbornly points out that one plus one equals two, when everyone else insist it equals 492 or “avocado” or “shut up.”

Quite simply:

The Daily Show has one million (cue Dr. Evil soundbite) viewers.

But as Rush points out:

There are way more than one million college students in America.


There’s that.

And I’ll say it again:

Jon Stewart has a team of writers who help him put on a taped, one-hour show.

Rush Limbaugh has hosted a live, three hour show for 25 years, without any writers.

The. End.

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