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Here’s this week’s black and white “Indian head” test pattern:



Like my t-shirt says: It’s Not ‘Racist’ If It’s True



Halt Muslim immigration to the West, as I have been saying for over ten years.

Mark Steyn pens an instant classic, about Rotherham and beyond, that should break your heart and prick your conscience:

Not every Muslim wants to chop your head off. Not every Muslim wants to “groom” your 11-year-old daughter. But these pathologies nest within Islam, and thrive at the intersection of Islam and the west. As long as Islam is your biggest source of population growth – to the point where Mohammed is now the most popular boy’s name in Oslo – you’re not “tackling” the issue, and certainly not “head on”.

In a bizarre column even for the post-Conrad National Post, Afsun Qureshi suggests the best thing you could do to lessen the likelihood of being set upon by Muslims is to learn to recite the shahadah, “a testimony to the identity of Allah as the one true God, and Muhammad as his prophet”. She might be right. Wearing a burqa might help, too. Or the shalwar kameez. On the other hand, most of those Syrian men paraded through the desert in their BVDs to their rendezvous with death knew the shahadah, and a fat lot of good it did.

To recite the shahadah when you’re accosted on the streets is to accept the basic premise of your attackers – that Islam now has universal jurisdiction. There’s way too much of that already. In essence, the entire establishment of a South Yorkshire town accepted that the cultural mores of Islam superseded whatever squeamishness they might otherwise have about child rape.

Grab a coffee: Ed Driscoll is on a roll today

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Talk Radio Watch: Weekly recap of conservative talk radio highlights

My NEW Talk Radio Watch column is now up!

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  • Rush Limbaugh’s take-down of the Ice Bucket Challenge
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Mark Steyn and Hugh Hewitt discuss Obama’s lack of strategy — and choice in summer suits. As well, Steyn promises “a busy week for me radio-wise post-Labor Day, so stay tuned for details of that.” (FREE audio.)


Warren Kinsella brags about getting an apology from me about something I can’t even remember

But he clearly hasn’t forgotten.

He’s obsessed with me.

All in all, I’d rather be a “right wing screamer” than the Nursing Home Cat of Canadian politics, whose Midas-touch-in-reverse has just doomed another campaign.

PS: I see he STILL hasn’t resigned from Sun News… Why not?

Also? Har:

warren kinsella



Quite possibly the worst thing the National Post has ever printed

Let’s see how long my comment to this garbage stays up:

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 8.50.22 AM


Bruce Springsteen: Pompous blowhard, children’s book author

Springsteen and Frank Caruso will release their book, Outlaw Pete, on November 4 via Simon and Schuster.

Described by the publisher as a book “about a bank-robbing baby whose exploits become a meditation on sin, fate, and free will”, the story is based on the song of the same name from Springsteen’s album Working on a Dream which was, in turn, inspired by the 1950 children’s book Brave Cowboy Bill, also released by Simon and Schuster.

I’ll stick with this, thanks:

Gavin McInnes: ‘I know the difference between races’

Gavin McInnes writes:

My wife and kids are Ho-Chunk Indians. They’ve all had DNA tests to prove it and if they scored below 25% Indian, they wouldn’t be in the tribe.


‘I hired a journalist (…) because I realised what journalists did: they took normal things and romanticised them’

Looking back at Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and the often-forgotten ultra-straight members of that nominally gay band:

They were a one-off: two self-styled “ferocious homosexuals” up front, backed by three prototype Liam Gallaghers, who were known as “The Lads”

“It was an unexpected combination of energies,” muses Morley, ever the pop theorist. “You had a truly great producer – the best in the world along with Quincy Jones – you had a slightly narcissistic journalist, you had this heterosexual scouse energy and this very exploratory gay energy, all mixed up in one place. It was a ridiculous formula and you couldn’t have planned it – it was too toxic. But the toxicity of it worked well creatively and commercially for a few months, until we woke up and realised we all hated each other, or certainly that we were very different from each other.” (…)

Gill, Nash and O’Toole – despite doubts about their musical input – were similarly essential, lad archetypes to offset the band’s arty epicureans. “They were Geordie Shore, three decades early,” laughs Morley. “They were the guys who, today, would be having sex on reality TV. A show that followed Frankie on tour would have been horribly sleazy. And yet their enormous capacity for vulgarity was part of the energy of the band. They may not have played on the records, and Trevor might have had night sweats about some of their exploits, but there’s no way you could have had Frankie without them.”


John Lennon’s killer admits he was ‘such an idiot’

Hey, don’t be too hard on yourself…

Seriously, though, do note that Chapman points to the amount of booze he was drinking.

When you’re drunk enough, for long enough, scenarios like “Catcher in the Rye is telling me to kill John Lennon — after I get his autograph” make 100% sense to you.


I just got this message!

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 1.37.45 PM

Ann Coulter: ‘Would it Kill You to Hire More Black Cops? (Yes)’

Ann Coulter writes:

As Brown may or may not have said seconds before his death: I give up.

If the Ferguson police are forced to hire more minorities and women for the sake of diversity, the one thing we can be sure of is that more black people will be murdered, raped and assaulted.

Someone’s got to say it, so it might as well be me: I’m against more black people being murdered, raped and assaulted.

In a massive, detailed 2000 study of the effect of court-ordered affirmative action plans on police departments, economist John Lott found that the more minorities on a police force, the higher the rates of murder, manslaughter, violent crime, robbery and aggravated assault will be. Violent crime increased by a minimum of 3.3 percent every year after affirmative action policies went into effect — and the spike in crime was highest in black neighborhoods.

The problem was not with black cops, Lott’s study showed, but rather with the lowering of standards across the board, resulting in less-qualified officers of every race.


‘I can’t believe it, but after watching this, 1989 actually seems like a freer time than today’

Rick McGinnis writes:

Turturro used to be the go-to guy if you wanted someone who was tightly wound and intense to very near a point of self-parody. (Think of Jesus Quintana in The Big Lebowski.)

Nowadays he plays a recurring character in the Transformer franchise.


This is gonna be awesome… ‘Wicked As They Come’ (1957) airs tonight on TCM

This basically looks like Darling, which came out almost 10 years later and gets all the love.

In addition to showcasing Dahl as a seductress, Wicked as They Come was somewhat ahead of its time in its attempt to provide a psychological basis for her behavior. The character’s ruthless use of the men in her life and her inability to enjoy normal sexual relations are traced back to a gang rape at the age of 15, a shocking development for a film in the still-pristine ’50s, when rape was rarely alluded to or discussed in movies. Of course, the violent episode is not dramatized here and Dahl’s sexual manipulation of her victims is more amusing than disturbing as she self-consciously telegraphs every move in her deceitful plan.

Nick DiPaolo on the Emmys and race relations in America

PLUS — I started cry-laughing around 45:00: