About Kathy Shaidle


Kathy Shaidle started blogging in 2000, at RelapsedCatholic.

In 2007, she set up FiveFeetOfFury as the home for her irreverent rants.

Her first book was nominated for the Governor Generals Award (poetry).

She also co-wrote The Tyranny of Nice, a Conservative Book Club selection in 2009.

Her most recent book is the essay collection Acoustic Ladyland: Kathy Shaidle Unplugged.

She is a regular contributor and columnist at PJMedia, WND and Taki’s Magazine.

CONTACT her at kshaidle – AT –

(But PLEASE don’t write to tell her about some idiot who’s talking smack about her on the internet. She doesn’t care.)

Here’s what people have said about Kathy Shaidle (some of which counts as “smack”):

  • “Kathy Shaidle is one of the great virtuoso polemicists of our day: If the human rights racketeers get their way, she’ll be unpublishable in her own country. But, in the end, that’s a reflection not on her but on them.” — Mark Steyn, from his introduction to her book The Tyranny of Nice
  • “I just wanted to let you know I think your article suggesting the panic after the Welles 1938 broadcast was overblown was complete and utter shit.  And not solid ones either….I’m talking a runny puddle of smelly, awful shit. The tendency of pathetic hacks such as yourself to try and rewrite history to make yourself look intellectual are laughable and have the added benefit of allowing me to remove any remorse I might feel about lashing your ignorance with the whip of truth. Here’s how you do journalism you stupid cunt. FIRST you do the reading.  THEN you draw your conclusions   What you don’t do is reach your conclusion first then find whatever’s out there that agrees with you. You should quit writing.  You suck at it.  Miserably. But looking at your bio picture, I can see that no man would have such a pudgy harpy as yourself, so it’s probably the only point of pride you have in your miserable little life, isn’t it?” — David Champion at [email protected]
  • Kathy Shaidle is “strenuously witless” — James Walcott, Vanity Fair
  • “Kathy Shaidle is Mark Steyn’s butt-plug.” — progressive blogger Robert P.J. Day
  • Kathy, I never understood why so many people on Taki hate your columns. Now I do.” — commenter at Taki’s Magazine
  • I like Kathy Shaidle’s blog a lot, but I found her speaking style even more compelling — a touch more gentle, the humour a touch more subtle, and jam-packed full of facts. I knew she was a good writer, but I didn’t know that she was a great speaker. I had high expectations, but they were exceeded.” — Ezra Levant
  • “You must be a shill for the new world order, either you know that or are amazingly ignorant, either way you are working for the death of America, sad that you have sold out to evil.” — infowars
  • “Shaidle who is, to put it politely, not a particularly nice person…” — Alex Koppelman,
  • “Kathy Shaidle, whom we’d never heard of before reading this Salon post. Starting today, we are all Kathy Shaidle readers (…) Jesus, this Shaidle person is a night terror. WHO IS SHE? …We are still too scared of Kathy Shaidle and will have to end this post now, so we can go cry in dark corners of our basements.” — Wonkette
  • Kathy Shaidle is a great warrior of free speech in Canada, where that fundamental right is already largely lost — as she chronicles in her book The Tyranny of Nice (which she wrote with Pete Vere). The book is ‘excellent, superb, rollicking, harrowing, much needed,’ as I told her in an email. And her weblog Five Feet of Fury maintains the same level of excellence as it chronicles, among other things, the demise of sanity and pusillanimity before Islamic supremacism in Canada in the most wildly entertaining fashion, full of Swiftian savage indignation, making it a daily must-read. If we had five Kathy Shaidles, there would be no stealth jihad in this country or on this continent.” — Robert Spencer, JihadWatch
  • “That Girl That People Are Mad At All The Time” — The Meatriarchy
  • “Kathy Shaidle is a leftist gay militant open immigration supporter” — commenter at The Shotgun
  • “Kathy is terrified of Jews…” — ThePoliticalCesspool
  • [Kathy Shaidle] is “a purveyor of some of the most offensive racial stereotypes I have ever read.” — Bernie Farber, Canadian Jewish Congress
  • Kathy Shaidle is one of “the additional forces within the fabric of Canadian society who are pushing this pro-Zionist agenda, either wittingly or unwittingly, along with Bernie Farber of the Canadian Jewish Congress.” —
  • “I’ve always had a weakness for people who tell you exactly what they think and never bother to mince words, and Shaidle is all that. One of the most forthright critics of Canada’s ‘Tyranny of Nice’ and a courageous proponent of free speech in the face of a Nanny State, she’s had her share of suffering, as have we all, but she is not the sort of person to demand that everybody Observe the Pieties on her behalf, and she can often be screamingly funny when it comes to the sort of hushed silences we are expected to observe on behalf of the sundry movements that batten on human suffering as a way of drumming up support for cash, power, reverence, etc.”I often disagree with her sometimes overwhelmingly libertarian outlook, but her — I can’t help but like her. She’s so bloody blunt, so . . . not whiny, and so willing to take life head-on that I’ve always found her refreshing even when she says things with which I strongly disagree.” — Mark Shea
  • “Kathy is amusing but don’t take her seriously. If half the stuff she says about herself are true then she is a terribly damaged person.” — commenter at SmallDeadAnimals




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