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Adorable toddler sings ‘London Calling’

Selfies from the 9/11 Memorial

According to Linfield, photography can be a defense mechanism when people visit monuments to atrocity. “Perhaps people are shielding themselves from contemplating the horror of the event by photographing it—and photographing themselves at it,” she wrote to me. “This seems like a way to diminish experience, to diminish history, to diminish doubt and uncertainty and contradiction and thought—and hide behind the camera instead.’”


Muslim shouts ‘Kill the Jew’ at Canadian woman (video)

‘I’ve got so weary of lazy left-wing writing’

In novels, one of my favorite whipping boys is Stephen King. How many times can he use the ‘magic negro’ trope?” King’s Christians are all shorthand lunatics and traitors to humanity. “At a certain point, an observant reader might ask, ‘How goddamned lazy does this writer have to be? Can’t he even conceive of a black Democrat taking bribes? A member of the Green Party who is quite happy to kill to protect Gaia?’


‘Sexual intercourse is probably the weirdest thing you will ever do, according to experts’

(It’s only the Daily Mash…)

“The idea is that it is the ultimate expression of love, yet it’s the repetitive interaction of organs used for going to the toilet.

“It’s like something a drug-addicted surrealist painter would come up with.

“Surely a better way to show someone you really like them would be getting them membership to the RSPB or buying them a watch.”