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Who Gets To Name the Snow? My NEW Taki’s column

Comments start off “JOOOOO!!!!”-y and go from there…

In its entry for “bigotry,” the unabridged dictionary at proffers “related words,” and sure enough, one of those is “conservatism.”

Questioned via email, an associate editor responded at some length. However, anyone who’s had the misfortune of corresponding with private or public sector factotums will immediately spot many familiar corporate-speak synonyms for “please kill yourself” embedded in her unfailingly polite message, rather like those lethal suggestions to “play a little game of solitaire” in The Manchurian Candidate.

“I would imagine millions of impressionable young minds go to this site to find definitions of words for school,” the Daily Caller’s anonymous complainant had written. “This is extremely dangerous and powerful.”

But is it?


‘Is the gay bullying plague in schools a myth?’


But then, you knew that already.


Taking Back Calgary From the Jew Hating, Pro-Hamas Thugs

Dear Laura, today I am writing you to ask for your opinion. [I refer to] Sara Bernamoff, a beautiful young Jewish girl, who was hit in the head and face and kicked when she was on the ground. This happened in Calgary at a Pro Palestine rally. I am extremely upset and every time I see her face I want to cry. This cannot happen again in Calgary.

“This what I thought I would do. I would like to make a sign which reads CALGARIANS LOVE AND PROTECT OUR JEWS.

“Then I want to wear a small crucifix and walk back and forth in front of Calgary City Hall.

“I am sixty-eight, a white Catholic Canadian and I am very aware that I am putting myself in danger. But I still want to do it.

“In the past I have not done anything, because in truth I am afraid of what some Muslim would do.

“But now it is time for me to something.

“Our Canada is changing.””We have to have courage today, we have no other choice.

“May G-d Bless and Keep you Laura”


Dark Corners tackles early Nazisploitation flick ‘She Demons’ (1958) – at my request


Letting Muslims immigrate to the West after 9/11 is like hiding Nazis in your attic during WW2

That’s me, not Mark Steyn, who writes:

Canada used to be a country proud of its role in helping keep some of those American embassy staff out of the Ayatollah’s clutches. The Khomeinibopper at Queen’s Park would gladly have handed them over. Yet he’s as Canadian as you, at least de jure.

And given Canadian immigration and demographic trends how many more who think like him will be at the al-Quds rally by 2020?