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Caplansky’s Deli co-sponsoring the Toronto Palestine Film Festival…

…is like an Irish pub sponsoring an abortion clinic.


‘Apparently, Slocum, 8 months pregnant with her boyfriend Charles Oppeneer’s baby…’

…arranged to meet Oestrike with Oppeneer at a park for sex. Oppeneer’s headless body was found on Wednesday, July, 16, and a search for Slocum was carried out and ended with the aforementioned chase, crash, and suicide.


If you’re ‘too ugly’ to front a P!nk tribute band, well…

I got nuthin’.


‘So the songwriter, Mick Jones, was having problems with his girlfriend…’

Kids these days! Rock and roll as book report.

Oh, man. So cute, though…

(Happy) 14th blog-versary to me (!)


Every year around this time, it occurs to me that I’m still blogging after X years, and that I should say something about it.

I’m not amazed that I’ve outlasted so many of my critics.

I always knew I would — that I’d keep blogging even if my readership was in the single digits.

But it isn’t, so thanks to the thousands of readers who come here every day.

You’ve sent me gifts, suggestions, words of encouragement, and even money.

(Why yes, I am STILL being sued…)

As my (surviving) daily readers have noticed, this year — my 50th on this planet — 5FF isn’t the blog it used to be.

After writing about crazy evil Muslims 24/7 since 9/11, I decided to (mostly) leave that topic to my husband.

Life is too long to read and write about their bullshit anymore unless I feel so inclined.

It’s like how I (mostly) gave up blogging about religion, and turned the original site, RelapsedCatholic, into FiveFeetOfFury.

I can’t foresee what I’ll be blogging about 14 days or weeks or years from now, but I’m pretty sure I’ll still be here (despite the “Death of the Blog” that I’ve been hearing about since, well, about three years after I started…)

Thanks again for sticking around, for reading my stuff at other sites, like Taki’s and PJMedia, and for reading my books (and saying nice things about them.)

Your support amazes me.