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The Melvins’ King Buzzo Singles Out Pete Townshend for Acoustic Rock God Status

Indeed. An indelible performance.

“I believe it was the late ’70s, he did a live show where he played Who songs acoustic on a record called ‘The Secret Policeman’s Ball,’” Buzzo recalled. “I believe it was a charity event. But I heard that then, and you know, I realized really quickly that he was the reason why that stuff was good, because he could get up there and play those songs and sing ‘em with an acoustic guitar, and that was really cool.”

‘When I first went to college, I wanted to major in political science and history’

Nicholas James Pell writes:

It seemed a perfect fit for an argumentative young man with strong opinions on wars from Crimean to Seven Years’; I was fascinated by the play of human events and the ideas that made them happen.

But I quickly dropped out, after a howling leftist mob physically chased me through the Student Union into the relative safety of the campus Republican Club’s offices.


‘Michael Brown and the paramilitarized Ferguson Police Department are two sides of the same coin’


They are the joint product of the politics of grievance and the growing expansion of government. The taxes that made the mobs dependent also armed the paramilitary police that contain them.   You have one government department handing out Obamaphones and another handing out MRAPs to the cops. HHS gives out Obamacare and the IRS enforces it. (…)

The only people who don’t belong in this tableau are people who work for a living. In Ferguson, schools have been closed, stores shuttered and businesses shut. Does anybody remember — or care — about the convenience store owner whose robbery was the proximate cause of this dust-up? No, because he was only the victim of a “prank” who has no spoken lines in this grand production.  He is no more than a bit player, a prop even,  in the inexorable drama of progressive history.

Marxism has always had a particular hatred for “shopkeepers”; the guys who cook your ham and eggs in the diner or pick up the trash in the morning. It reviles as ridiculous the people who and try and get by without being uplifted by noble thoughts of race, class warfare or the Engines of History. Yet the ordinary productive man is who actually makes the world turn; who builds the Obamaphones and who provides the cigars to steal.

The attitude “if you don’t want trouble, just hand me the cigars” is met by its fatal twin: Police Officer: “if you don’t want to get shot…just do what I tell you.“   In this universe there is no room for freedom or behavior based on shared culture.  There is no room for individual responsibility or limited government. That went out of style along with the old document called the Constitution that nobody reads anymore.  All that is left is an insistent crowd outside of a fortified distribution center.

Yelling At Each Other About Robin Williams, Ann Coulter, Death and God: My NEW PJMedia post

Regular 5FF readers will recognize a lot of this, but the difference here is, you get to comment — and the comments were pretty heated, last I checked.


‘Sixty seconds before the baby shot its father, leaves fell lazily in Central Park’

On Samuel Fuller’s lost novel and more:

In 1990 Fuller was working on the British-French co-production Chiller, a TV anthology adapted from the short stories of Patricia Highsmith.

For his episode Fuller chose The Day of Reckoning, a violent eco-parable about industrial chicken farming that ends with the patriarch getting pecked to death.

Fuller had twelve days to shoot it, and didn’t have time to thoroughly vet each location…