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Transsexual punk icon Jayne County banned from Facebook for using the word ‘tranny’ or something

County writes:

 “What a sad day this is for the poor LGBT Community. All over a few words that have been made even more powerful and evil by those that seek to erase them! If this is what you are going to do with your rights then you don’t deserve to even have them!”

When I reached out to Facebook for comment, they said that someone within County’s Facebook community had reported her status for “containing slurs,” and her account had been temporarily suspended for a 24-hour period. (It’s currently back up.) This is an across-the-board policy.

Facebook says that if they receive a report for a violation of their hate speech policy, they remove the hate speech and don’t spend time “interpreting what people mean.”

Facebook doesn’t have a specific list of terms people get banned for, with over a billion users, they rely on fellow users to report when violations have been made.


Remember the ‘vast right wing conspiracy’? Friday document dump from Clinton Library names names


The original 331-page report was distributed by the White House and the Democratic National Committee to select reporters in an effort to discredit those behind the critical reports on the Clinton White House – namely billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife, journalist Joseph Farah, political activist Floyd Brown and the American Spectator. (…)

Farah points out that this concern by the White House was very early in the history of the Internet.

No one had yet heard of Matt Drudge,” Farah says. “No one knew about the ‘blue dress.’ This was before WND, or WorldNetDaily as it was originally known 17 years ago.

To keep things in perspective, I think Monica Lewinsky was a teenage undergraduate student at the time.”


Rock and Roll around the world, from the Pathe Archives

Pathe just uploaded 85,000 archival films to YouTube.

If you’re a Stones fan, have fun.

Meanwhile, if you only watch one of these, make it the first one.

And watch for Mods and Rockers creating “bedlam in half less than no time.”

Rockers help old people across the street. No sound:

Mixed race punters at Hammersmith Palais, 1973. No sound, alas, just raw footage:

How I Doubled My Freelance Income in Two Years (Part 4)

In the final installment in my PJMedia series, I tell freelancers to “trust no one — not even themselves.”


Jonathan Demme interviews Roger Corman

DEMME: Speaking of you as a character, I’ve heard about Joe Dante’s new picture, and it thrills me. Is he really making a picture about you called The Man With Kaleidoscope Eyes?

CORMAN: Yes. It’s a picture about me when I made The Trip, and about The Trip. That movie had all kinds of psychedelic shots in it, and we used some old kaleidoscope lenses for certain sequences, thus the title.

DEMME: It’s a brilliant title. I know that Joe is going to make an extraordinary film. Who can play you, though?

CORMAN: His first choice was Colin Firth, which I thought was a great choice, and Colin seemed to be interested, but after he won the Academy Award, his price probably went up. I don’t know who he’s going to go with now.

DEMME: My hope for this film would be that it contains a good degree of sex, some violence, a bit of nudity, and perhaps a subtle social statement.

CORMAN: I have never objected to that formula.

(Demme goes on to call The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre (1967) “one of the best gangster movies every made,” which is just bizarre. I talked about how bad it is here.)

Anyhow, The Trip (1967).

I’ve never taken psychedelics because I’ve never needed to. What goes on “naturally” inside my head is, er, colorful enough.

And I hate hippies. So I’ve never watched this movie and can only imagine doing so to make fun of it.

I’ll probably still watch this new Joe Dante one though, out of curiosity.

Speaking of Roger Corman, TCM is airing The Terror (1963) tonight at 3:45 am ET, another of Corman’s collaborations with Jack Nicholson: