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‘[I]f you live in Canada, don’t argue on Twitter…’

 …or you might find yourself in court looking at 10 years for criminal harassment. (…)

The issue, she stated repeatedly at trial, is the number of Tweets she received. Ms. Guthrie can’t pin down any time when she specifically felt threatened. “That’s not how feelings work,” she fem-splained from the stand, further clarifying that feeling “creeped out” constituted a sense of fear.

And by “sense of fear” she means “criminal act.”

10 Great Things About Young Nannies

Gavin McInnes speaks for me:

Hiring a Filipina nanny who has kids back at home isn’t just weird. It’s morally wrong. In the book Global Woman, we learn of caregivers who end up doing more for the kids they look after than the ones they send money to every month. The book discusses the children of these nannies, and they say they would never do the same to their own kids.

“Every time I hold these kids,” says one Filipina nanny in an NPR report last year, “it’s like I feel like this is supposed to be my child that I’m holding.” I’m amazed how much white liberals worry about organic eggs and only adopting rescue dogs, yet they have no problem buying someone else’s mom. They care more about animals than they do human beings. We complain about third world countries using child labor, but importing love from an impoverished country is downright evil. (…)

Jamaican nannies are always on the phone. They don’t play with the kids. They monitor them. They’re more security guards than babysitters. Instead of getting involved with what the kids are doing, they sit on a park bench and say, “Me no fe why you use black pudding on dat” to their cousin in Queens. They’re worse than Pakistani cab drivers. (…)

Jamaicans have customs almost as backward as Africans and believe washing your face with rice water enables you to see ghosts. That’s not just untrue. It’s fucking scary.

In parts of Latin America, they don’t let blind people vote. Handicapped children are something to be ashamed of and when they grow up, they are relegated to the outskirts of society, hence their 80-90% unemployment rate.

Filipinas are likely Christian, which is nice, but I don’t want the kids thinking worship includes crucifying yourself.

Hey, ‘coal miner’: If you made $100K a year for 30 years…

Why are you broke now?



Crowdfunding for Israel: StopARocket

‘[H]er celebrity husband is giving a great deal of money to several Muslim organizations…’

… some of which are on a terror watch list. The thing is the husband doesn’t have as much money as he has been giving so has been using his wife’s money. Does she know her money is being used this way? It could be a career crusher.