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Michael Coren and I talk about Bernie Farber tonight at 7pm ET

UPDATE: Alas, as you’ve note doubt discerned, I have been preempted by the “shocking” news that a “bisexual” (gay) would-be porn star is wanted for a gruesome (likely drug induced/related) murder and dismemberment.

Don’t tell me:

He was bullied in school, right…?

Born this waaaaayyyy!!!!

As I type these very words, somewhere a gay porn producer is designing the cover art for a sex film inspired by this saga, to be called Manhunt.

You think I’m kidding.



Tune in to The Arena at 7pm, with Michael Coren.

We kind of forgot to mention what led to my booking in the first place, however.

PS: Here’s the January 2009 incident I talk about on tonight’s show, and Mark Steyn’s subsequent scolding of Farber.

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‘Dewey Beats Truman’ 2012 style: ‘Get to know Clay, Season 5′s new Celebrity Apprentice’ (UPDATED)


The image game’s runner-up? Adam Carolla, a contestant cut early in Celebrity Apprentice’s run after falling victim to the Michael Andretti Curse. (Trump want to fire Andretti. Carolla not allow Trump to fire Andretti. Trump get angry and fire both.) Not only did The Man Show host help ease Hall into a win, but he did it with a sense of humor that made you wonder why Jimmy Kimmel has scored all the success. Bonus points, of course, go to Carolla for getting Teresa Giudice to counter his claim that she’s naïve by stating she’s the exact definition of naïve. And for joking Giudice likely thought “naïve” was a brand of douche. Best line of the season, from Celebrity Apprentice’s best douche!

The funniest moment in the live finale came when Trump told Teresa, “Adam called you naive..Are you naive?” and Adam jumped in with, “She thinks that’s a brand of douche.”

Teresa’s eventual answer to Trump’s “are you naive” question showed that Adam might be right about her not understanding what the word means: “Not at all. Definitely not,” Teresa responded. “If anything, I’m a little too trusting and I try to find the good in all people.”

I don’t know how Donald Trump will ever find a cast to match this one but topping my list of suggestions for next season are Phaedra Parks (of the Real Housewives of Atlanta), William Shatner (and if you don’t know who he is, shame on you) and Lindsay Lohan (hey, your comeback has to start somewhere). Can. Not. Wait. Celebrity Apprentice 2012, over and out.


Looks like the websters at are just as shocked as I am that Arsenio Hall was crowned Celebrity Apprentice last night:

You’re fired!


Tonight is the Celebrity Apprentice finale, which is THE most important thing, but…

I also have two big deadlines and a couple of small ones, plus I’ve put off working out for about five days, so I’m really busy.

Amuse yourself with yesterday’s all-new Loveline reunion with Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew, PLUS an old classic call from the real show:


Celebrity Apprentice finale sneak peek: It scares me when mom and dad fight! (video)

Don’t be discouraged by the clip below –

Carolla and Arsenio chat today by phone about what REALLY went on.

Tune in Sunday to see Clay win — I think we all know that’s what’s gonna happen, because its a better story: White guy famous for taking second place to a black dude finally wins!! — but it’ll still be fun.

Only two more sleeps.


Sneak peek of Adam Carolla’s routine on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ this Sunday (video)

PLUS: Behind the scenes at today’s podcast…


It’s Magic: What really happened with Carolla’s crew on Celebrity Apprentice last Sunday

I suck.

Adam Carolla doesn’t ALWAYS hire morons…

That “Magic Johnson’s ear” shot? He’s actually facing a second of three cameras.

They got the shots fine.

Audio explanation starts 12:55 minute mark:

As the show opens up, Adam talks about an edited clip on Celebrity Apprentice where members of the ACS crew were made to look like idiots.

Keep listening while Carolla complains:

“I’m the one who reads all the tweets — ‘Can’t you hire good people…?’”

Yeah, that was me.

Sorry, Semi-Retarded Gary, and Semi-Retarded Gary’s mom.

UPDATEThe only reasonable recap I’ve read:

It was heartening to see Adam Carolla back, and while they provided us with ANOTHER cliffhanger ending (the suspense is killing me, by boring me to death) which seemed to tease that Adam’s crew had ruined the Magic footage, I am willing to bet dollars to donuts that there is another take where Magic talks directly to camera.

Cruellers to kroner! This is not the only take. Although if there isn’t a second take, wow, Adam. Just wow. Aside from a moment of pique at Magic facing away from the camera during the first take of footage, Arsenio seemed way laid back in the smart, shrewd company of offstage comedians (as someone who’s spent time with off-duty comedians plenty, outside of a green room they’re the most pleasant company in the world. Inside a green room, look out! They will try to casually practice their material at you until you want to hide under a moving car. Green rooms: the ultimate crucible of the human psyche.) Meanwhile, the musicians had quickly dissolved into a quivering lump of wounded egos and scattered melodies.


All that matters is, Carolla’s coming back: So is it Clay and Aubrey for ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ final?

Arnie, getting very Zapruder on me, swears that Clay gets fired Sunday night, based on the direction Trump is looking in the video below.

However, I think Arsenio calling Aubrey or whoever a “c***” sealed the deal against him making it into the top two. The “c-word” is the new “n****r.”

So I say Clay and Aubrey — and pray Clay gets Carolla, Penn and Dee on his team for the $250,000 win.

Aubrey’s charity is some gay “anti-bullying” thing, while, amusingly, Clay’s is for the handicapped kids he’s always worked with.


‘So condescending…’ Penn Jillette sings about ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ (video)

Earworm warning:

PLUSrecapping last night:

When she did that during the jingle-writing task, that led to both more yelling from Lisa and gave us more of what has become a highlight of this season: Clay Aiken reactions.

Both in the moment (he made faces behind her back) and in interviews, he is hilarious and ridiculously quotable—so quotable I just stopped writing down things he says, because there are too many and they’re much better in context.

Once again, Celebrity Apprentice helps us see a celebrity in an entirely new way.


So we’ll all be staying at the Rio next time we’re in Vegas?

I first heard about this on Adam Carolla’s podcast today.

After he was fired by Trump on The Celebrity Apprentice “Sunday night” (boo!), Penn Jillette got a call from his real bosses, Caesars Entertainment, who own the casino where Penn & Teller have headlined for ten years.

They asked him how much the prize money for his charity would have been, had he won Apprentice.

So he told them:

A quarter of a million dollars.


“They called up, and they said, ‘You really care about Opportunity Village, don’t you?’” Penn tells Zap2it.

The Las Vegas hotel and casino, which owns the Rio where Penn & Teller perform, then wrote a check for $250,000 to be given to the organization well in advance of “The Celebrity Apprentice” May finale. Penn had previously won $40,000 for his charity as the project manager during a task to create a show for Medieval Times.

“I’m thrilled to pieces,” Penn says. “So we’ll have the live finale, but I will have already given the full prize plus more to my charity. And [Caesars] didn’t have to do a big TV show about it.”


Adam Carolla, Penn Jillette spill the dirt on Celebrity Apprentice firing (free audio)

UPDATEbest recap so far, by an obvious longtime fan:

What no one is mentioning here is that Michael Andretti might value his name and its brand just as much as Buick, and he might in fact not want to attach it willy-nilly to some random marque to get ahead in a reality show. The Andretti name carries a certain cache, but like all brands, it loses power when it loses integrity. Andretti was let go because he didn’t bend over and shill for free for the Donald’s reality franchise. (…)

The other fired celebrity last night was Adam Carolla, which is devastating for me as I was watching the show mostly for his asides and to see him in person. At least he left with dignity, choosing to take responsibility for the project’s loss as the project manager, rather than dragging back two people and pleading to Donald to keep him around. I feel like Adam was kind of fed up with this and preferred to go home and have his wine and nap anyway.

She forgot “beat off”…


Inside dirt!

As you expected, Carolla’s firing was “bullshit” and a battle of the alpha males — I said it on Monday and he says it today.

LEARN about how the producers and editors sabotaged Carolla, and what really happened behind the scenes:

“Steve Jobs presentation,” “12-inch dicks” and “Adam knows more about our car than the engineers”!



Why, yes — I AM furious (still) — bumped

Afternoon update:

This morning, Carolla helpfully explains the difference between boys and girls to Ellen:

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player


Last night’s Celebrity Apprentice was 100% bullsh*t.

Magical new judging criteria revealed after the task? “We don’t want it funny” — then laughing through both presentations? “Not all the celebrities were given a role” — what is this, kindergarten? Other weird comments by the Buick guys. (They didn’t understand Tia’s role? Uh… she was hosting the presentation…?)

No surprise that Adam fell on his sword. That’s him (as folks said on Facebook):

* Adam is so the man!! For some poor kid from the wrong side of the tracks, he has more class, integrity and dignity in his foreskin trimmings than Trump has in his whole empire. Trump wanted Adam to bring Andretti back to fire because the retards at Buick wanted to pimp the Andretti name. Adam would not play that game so he got canned as well. Fuck Trump and Fuck Buick. No wonder GM had to steal taxpayer money to stay in business.

* Adam didn’t kiss trumps ass and trump made an example …ratings should sink significantly…bad business decision. His idea was a hit. Andretti was weak which even he knew...hence adam was manager…yet Lou lives on. Doesn’t make sense. Adam still wins in the end. Trump is an idiot.

But that was a long and stressful two hours and frankly, I smell poo.

Tomorrow’s podcast will cover it (because “today’s” was taped while Apprentice was airing last night) and apparently “some complaining will be involved.” See?

You’ll notice there was no “exit interview.”

Carolla will also be on today’s Tonight Show to bitch about it.


Five hours until ‘Celebrity Apprentice’…

I’m trying to ignore online rumours that Adam Carolla gets fired tonight, made worse by the fact that Carolla is scheduled to be on Ellen and The Tonight Show Monday night.

I don’t see how he could possibly be fired, though, since tonight is the “car” task.

In the previews, Carolla jokes about losing his virginity in a particular model of car.

Fans know the real story (and that the girl in question was Molly Ringwald’s sister):


Manuscript finally ready to go to the publisher: pre-order Adam Carolla’s new book (video)

Pre-order Not Taco Bell Materialadam carolla book taco bell

“Manuscript of the book is complete. Start preordering, my minions!”

Mar 5, 2012 | Source:


#3) Adam Carolla (30): Adam Carolla busted out some building skills this week when Celebrity Apprentice required construction in its window displays. Despite missing last week’s challenge, Adam proved to be a phenomenal presence this week, speaking up creatively, doing a lot of interview asides, and generally working hard on the constructive aspects of the task. While Adam is still untried as a leader, he has certainly led the team in TV minutes. That presence alone should be enough to keep him in for a long while.


Celebrity Apprentice recap: Adam Carolla shows off carpentry skills

The men decide to go with absurdly slow-spoken Star Trek alum George Takei.

Why? Because, well, as Carolla says, “he’s gay.”

Next week’s challenge involves marketing a new car, making Carolla the obvious choice for project manager.

Carpentry, then cars: has Trump stacked the tasks to ensure the Ace Man will win?

We’ll know for sure if an upcoming task involves either strip clubs or football.


‘This new edition of Celebrity Apprentice is oddly personal to me due to the casting’

Eric, TV Geek Army’s “Reverend Leader”:

 I’m a longtime listener and evangelist/fan of both Howard Stern and Adam Carolla, and this season’s cast includes a constellation of celebrities that are tied to one or both of these radio/podcasting legends…

When the Ace Man himself deemed to take part in this season’s proceedings (after frequently poking fun of The Don Trump over the years, no less), my interest instantly perked up in this season. And he didn’t disappoint in the season premiere – in fact, I think he made more of his limited camera time than anyone I can remember in Apprentice history