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Mark Steyn slaps around ‘creep’ Bernie Farber

Mark Steyn writes:

Just when you think Bernie Farber, bigtime censorship zealot and former head honcho of the Canadian Jewish Congress, can’t get any smaller, he does. In a world in which the US Secretary of State thinks nothing of slurring Israel as an “apartheid” state, the Prime Minister of Canada is the best friend the Jewish state has. But Farber can’t resist a cheap and vulgar crack (…)

The photoshop of which he is so proud imposes Stephen Harper on the current formal portrait of Her Majesty as Queen of Canada, and wearing her medals as Sovereign of the Order of Canada, which Bernie desperately wants to get in on, and of the Order of Military Merit, which may be a stretch even for him.

I don’t mind people sneering at Her Majesty – Quebec separatists do it all the time, and so do Aussie republicans and Guardian columnists and all kinds of other folk. But it’s a strange thing for a creep like Bernie, who wasn’t above accepting the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal, and is so pleased with it he uses the photograph of him getting it on his Twitter page, the self-same Twitter page where he pisses all over her.

It would be nice to think he’d be principled enough to give it back, but don’t hold your breath. By the way, re John Kerry’s “apartheid” crack, “Israeli Apartheid Week” is Bernie Farber’s gift to the world. It started in 2005 in Toronto on his watch – while the cardboard warrior was too busy pursuing phantom enemies through the thought-crime division of the Canadian “Human Rights” Commission.




‘Genocide is very much alive’ declares Bernie Farber, Canada’s dumbest Jew

I don’t have any “shared traumas,” Bernie.

Unlike you, I don’t suck moral, spiritual and financial sustenance from six million corpses, then dump them when that gig turns sour and I need to find new and improved dead people to earn a living from.

At least the last genocide that Farber turned into an er$atz religion was one that actually happened.

Give it five years, and we will live to see Bernie Farber try to extort reparations out of the Scouring of the Shire.


Rex Murphy crushes Bernie Farber’s tiny brain

We all know who he’s talking about…


Guy who invented the word ‘genocide’ died broke

But have no fear: Other people continue to make good livings off his idea!


‘God save the Jews from Bernie Farber’

Richard Klagsbrun writes:

But having been turfed out of the Canadian Jewish Congress gig evidently taught Bernie not to put all his eggs in one basket, so he has been busying himself with still other grievances to monger. Those being on behalf of the Gypsy* community.

In so doing, Bernie is getting mixed up with the kind of people that begs the question, “just what is wrong with that doofus?”


Ezra Levant compares Bernie Farber to the author of the Protocols!

Epic takedown: Arnie has the video.


Bernie Farber: Incompetent or… something else?


Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 9.16.49 AM

That’s odd.

Bernie Farber continues to present himself in public as a leader of the Jewish community.

This would lead one to presume that he is aware of all the high profile individuals in that community who challenge Farber’s own views on various matters.

Especially organizations that used to fight with his.

So his tweet above is particularly odd.

I’m just a dirty lowly shiksa and even I know who Sandra Ruch is.

Weird, huh?

I guess Bernie Farber spends so much time hanging on my every word on the web and beyond, calling me names, trying to get my speaking engagements shut down and so forth that he doesn’t have time to “hear about Sandra Ruch.”


Bernie Farber — aka Simon Wienersmall — is mad we took his ‘hate $peech’ toy away

Scaramouche smacks around the cliche-spouting Farber here.

Speaking of the “official Jews,” Laura Rosen Cohen has some thoughts on the front page National Post article about their internecine battles:

First of all-there is prestige. There is a Yiddish/Hebrew word called “yichus”. That loosely means “standing”, but it’s also kind of like a measure of your all over prestige. It can be familial, or career related. It also refers to lineage-like for marriage purposes-what your background is.

There are a lot of people who are obsessed with yichus in the Jewish community. They want to be the voice of the community. Some people even get to the point where their entire identities are as Professional Jews. That is to say that they can spend their entire “professional” lives in the bubble of the Jewish community. (…)

The other thing that is notable in my view, is that all the Big Fancy Executive President Hot Shots of the Official Jews quoted in this article are men. Don’t you think that’s weird? And it’s always the same guys, year after year after year ZZZZZZZZZZZ.

There is very little “diversity” in the Official Jewish establishment and most of the establishment tilts left or moderately to the right but thrives on the non-existent antisemitism industry in Canada and misunderstands completely the idea of free speech.


Bernie Farber describes Gay Pride Parade as ‘seminal’

That’s nowhere near as funny as the Canadian Pope of Holocaust-ianity saying he “needs a shower,” but whatevs.

Bernie Farber also lies through omission by leaving out the motive behind the Bar Noar shootings.

Let’s take a walk down Church Street memory lane with Mark Steyn, and recall Bernie Farber’s previous “Nobody Knows I’m Gay” Pride adventures!


Why does Bernie ‘Nobody Knows I’m Gay’ Farber like gypsies so much?

I’ll never understand why Bernie “Nobody Knows I’m Gay” Farber wants to bring more of this parasitical criminal element into Canada.

Gypsies just sound creepier all the time…

Near the third glass door from the left of the older building, young Roma men hover. Small, thin, often wearing bright clothing like green pants or a pink scarf, the men are prostitutes, looking for work or waiting for prearranged rendezvous.

Some are as young as 14, though they insist they are older; some are 16 and married, sometimes with children.


Bernie Farber ‘needs a shower’? I got nuthin’.

On Twitter, Bernie Farber had nothing to say about the Muslim murderers in Woolwich yesterday:

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 7.45.03 AM

He just promoted his article in the Ottawa Citizen about the Holocaust.

Bernie writes a lot about the Holocaust, but rarely mentions the current jihad against Jews, Christians and other Muslims.

“Progressives” live in the past.

I guess the horrific murder of a white Christian soldier in England YESTERDAY — the same kind of white Christian soldier who gave their lives liberating his people from concentration camps — doesn’t really capture Bernie Farber’s attention.

The murder captured my attention for sure. I was livid.

My hands are still shaking. My heart is still racing.

I spent a lot of time on Twitter yesterday, yelling at morons.

Among many other tweets, I sent out this one when speculation surrounding the Muslim killers’ identity had them pegged as Somalis:



That references this stuff.

Aw, Bernie — who had NOTHING to say, remember, about this disgusting terror attack, and whose pro-immigration enthusiasms makes such crimes more likely, was all upset like:

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 7.44.29 AM

“Tasteless”? Sure. “Tasteless” is my confirmation name.

But “racist”?

Because, I guess, I dared to mention the “race” (or more accurately, the nationality) of a guy WITH BLOOD ON HIS HANDS WHO IS QUOTING THE KORAN AFTER SAWING A MAN’S HEAD OFF IN BROAD DAYLIGHT?

Something that Bernie Farber, the great humanitarian, has yet to comment upon, because Holocaust.

Thank God Bernie Farber has his priorities straight.

The Canadian Jewish community is in great hands!


‘Day thought he could ‘get back at’ the women who had hurt him by mucking around with instinctual gender distinctions’

Back in the 18th century…

Stop me if you’ve heard this one:

For someone who claimed to be guided by reason and the intellect, he was blind to the havoc his unresolved anger was wreaking on innocent bystanders.

The totalitarian instinct that has typified progressive thought for centuries is a scary thing to behold, even on the smaller scale of one wealthy aristocrat’s life and property.

The reasons I personally love and cherish concepts such as liberty and free enterprise can be gleaned from such stories as Thomas Day’s.

One of those reasons is simple: one person with too much power can ruin the lives of countless others simply because he or she had a bad experience or feels bad about themselves.


Why is Bernie Farber palling around with Israel-haters?

Richard Klagsburn was there, and reports:

At the protest, former Liberal MP Wrzesnewskyj betrayed himself as an intellectual featherweight by comparing Ezra Levant to the unapologetic neo-Nazi Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel.

Wrzesnewskyj was one of the most anti-Israel MPs in the House of Commons while he sat there. (…)

Ms Csányi-Robah has her own odd history of engaging, on behalf of her community, with nefarious groups. She has aligned the Roma cause with radical fanatics who want an end to Israel as a Jewish state. That association has shamed a number of Canadian Roma who wanted to distance themselves from such hate. That may partially account for why she was unable to garner much support from her own community for her Tuesday protest.

It might strike some as remarkable that former Canadian Jewish Congress boss Farber would be part of such an event.  But Farber has been remaking himself recently since losing his role as one of  Canada’s top “Official Jews.” He has been using his twitter account to promote links from anti-Israel hysterics such as blogger Dr. Dawg, and the vehemently anti-Israel website


There’s never an avalanche around when you need one…

Everything you need to know about Justin Trudeau.


Al Gore-Jazeera’s Current TV broadcasts debunked SPLC claim about rise in white ‘hate groups’ (video)

This meme was debunked last week by no less than Foreign Policy magazine, but so what?

Here’s the Foreign Policy article:

One of the clearest examples of how this counting methodology can be confusing concerns the American Third Position Party, or A3P, which is listed 17 times, with each of those instances counting as a separate hate group.

A3P is a national political party devoted to white nationalism. We don’t say there are 102 political parties in the United States because the Republicans and Democrats each have a national party as well as state chapters (not to mention local chapters), and there are states which have A3P listed more than once.

Similarly, the American Nazi Party is listed six times, and the Council of Conservative Citizens is listed 37 times. There are many more.

When you filter the list for organizations with identical names, the list of 1,007 becomes a list of 358.


One such “patriot” group finding itself on the Southern Poverty Law Center list is the Granny Warriors.

“I am deadly!” Granny founder Linda Hunnicutt joked, according to CNN. “I’m 74 years old. I have COPD. I have congestive heart failure. I’m sewing a quilt.”