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Does Olivia Chow’s proposed handgun ban include the piece owned by Warren Kinsella’s girlfriend — who volunteers for Chow?


Not surprisingly, there are great comments at Kate’s site, as to laws against “brandishing,” transporting firearms, etc.

Thanks to Robert Doig on Facebook for inspiring that question.

I’m glad Kinsella and Kirbie approve of armed self-defense.

That’s something the three of us can agree on, but the authorities don’t see it that way. It’s a crime in Canada.

Olivia Chow volunteer Kirbie is mad that someone ran a photo of her holding a toy gun.

But that’s a real one above, right? I’m so confused.

Meanwhile, does anyone know if Warren Kinsella has resigned from Sun News yet?

It’s been almost 48 hours, right?



Has Warren Kinsella resigned from Sun News yet? Day One

Yesterday a friend sent me this link to Warren Kinsella’s blog. Here’s an excerpt:

Personally, I have in the past been a member of the board to the (now defunct) Canada Israel Committee, and legal advisor to the (also defunct) Canadian Jewish Congress. I was always very proud to support Israel, and to raise my voice to defend Israel’s right to a secure homeland.

Some years ago, however, I learned of plans to send two white supremacists on an expenses-paid junket to Israel. I wrote a personal letter to the head of the CIC to object. His response? To leak the letter to the media, and to permit the junket to go ahead.

I thereafter severed all links with pro-Israel groups, and I haven’t been back. Several other progressive pro-Israel advocates – some of them with decades of tireless commitment to Israel, most of then Jewish – experienced similar shunning.

The “two white supremacists” are my husband and I.

Here’s what’s interesting:

Warren Kinsella works for Sun News.

Sun News has advertised on my blog, and my husband’s, for years.

Will Warren Kinsella “sever all links” to Sun News due to their association with “two white supremacists”?



Warren Kinsella named in new Globe and Mail investigation

Read the whole thing!




Activist Gary McHale suing Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella over ‘anti-native’ allegation


In an argument with McHale in the comment section of the blog post, Kinsella called him a “facile sack of s**t” and said he does not stop neo-Nazis and white supremacists from attending rallies he organizes.


‘Kinsella is almost always wrong in his political analysis…’

Paul Tuns writes:

…and he has a terrible track record on predictions and endorsements (Five Feet of Fury calls it the “reverse Midas touch” and likens him to the nursing home cat that predicts death). Kinsella’s reasons for guessing that Harper will be around for the next election are mostly the same as mine, so I’ll have to re-examine everything I think I know about Stephen Harper and Canadian politics. While yesterday I would have given great odds to anyone who wanted to bet Harper is resigning in the next few months, today those odds have evened out. That’s the Kinsella effect.


Let me fix that headline for you, Warren Kinsella:

Kinsella+Bullarama+001“My friend and I are losers, regardless of the outcome.”

As an ex-punk, I actually don’t care that Warren Kinsella and his best friend are in a “punk” band.

I care that Warren Kinsella would have denounced his own band’s name, songs, band merch and record covers long ago as representative of someone unfit for office — if it had been a band manned by conservatives.

Kinsella notoriously tried and failed to discredit Mark Steyn for using words like “wogs.”

Kinsella knows very well that Steyn was using these words in a very particular context, satirically; to achieve an anachronistic effect; and — in the great English tradition — to “wind up” the Kinsella’s of the world –  but he obviously didn’t care.

As I’ve asked time and again, given the increasingly dubious, socially toxic, amusing and impotent one-way definitions of “racist” and “sexist” and “offensive” etc that liberals like Kinsella continue to refine and often misuse for their own purposes:

How many Clash records does Warren Kinsella own?

How many Dead Kennedys and Stranglers on vinyl?

Why, one of Kinsella’s books HAS A SWASTIKA ON THE COVER!!!

There’s a reason I call liberalism “It’s Different When We Do It!”ism.

Oh, and just a reminder about Kinsella’s awesome political track record — the one that earns him a mid-six figure income:


Paul Tuns: ‘Kinsella is fearmongering’

…he is either totally unhinged from reality or an outright liar; I would guess the former.


Racism! Hate speech!! Doctors!!!

Funny, I don’t remember seeing this website on Bernie Farber’s list of “bully bloggers,” or on the SPLC’s list of “hate sites.”

I wonder why. (Hint: Doctors.)

  • 4H – (US) Haemophiliac, Hispanic, Homosexual, Heroin addict
  • AAA (or Triple A): Ay Ay Ay. Precursor to Status Hispanicus. Wound-up Hispanic female unable to tolerate even the small discomfort of removing an adhesive plaster, but not yet full-blown histrionics.
  • Code Pink (Triangle) – a likely homosexual (used back when HIV/Aids tests took a while to come back)
  • COSMONAUT – Cat Owner, Smells, Made Of Nuts And Used Tampons (“mad cat lady” with poor hygiene and body odour)
  • Double Whopper with Cheese – Obese female with genital thrush
  • Double Whopper with Mayo – obese female with vaginal discharge
  • Granny Dumping – dumping elderly relative in A&E; often happens just before Christmas or family holiday aka the hospital granny-sitting service
  • PHD = Pakistani Healing Dance (a useless procedure performed for benefit of patient and family)
  • Status Hispanicus – (US) much like Acute Puerto Rican Syndrome.
  • Tachylordyosis (with the junctional Jesus) – Usually a middle-aged to older black female American with a complaint of “lordy, lordy, lordy, lordy, lordy, lordy”, occasionally with the interspersed “Jesus” i.e. “lordy, lordy, lordy, lordy, Jesus help me, lordy, lordy”
  • T&T Sign – Tattoo-to-Teeth Sign: survival indicator; those who are tattooed and toothless will survive major injuries

Dear Warren Kinsella: How can I be a ‘white supremacist…’?

When actual “white supremacists” hate my guts?

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 6.24.27 AM

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 6.56.21 AM

Of course, asking Warren Kinsella to make sense of his own sputterings is a waste of time.

Here he is in the Sun, declaring that:

a) hateful actions are always preceded by hateful words

b) he’s fantasized about attacking Whatcott, but

c) he never actually did it, of course.

And indeed, the only violence every directly connected to Whatcott’s pamphlets have been assaults on his person, by outraged gays.

In other words, no gays were harmed in the making and distribution of Whatcott’s pamphlets, and their supposedly toxic and violence-inducing contents, which have now been reproduced around the world with no notable increase in the crime rate.

Oddly enough, Warren Kinsella has never, to my knowledge, expressed a desire to physically attack Muslim imams who say many of the same things about homosexual behavior that Whatcott does — in fact, they say many things I’d consider much worse.

Whatcott’s pamphlets confine themselves to quoting Jesus, some bits of the Old Testament and remarking that homosexual acts can be a threat to public health.

The government of Canada and the Center for Disease Control agree with that.

It is simply a well-documented fact that even after they were informed that bathhouse behavior was a leading cause of the spread of AIDS, many gays insisted on continuing to perform these behaviors, because — to steal a Dennis Miller joke — “the Man ain’t gonna tell James Dean how fast he can drive!”

I was just chatting to my gay Muslim pal the other day about the gay men who openly boast about spreading HIV to other men as a kind of game.


Foul-mouthed Toronto Archdiocese consultant Warren Kinsella declares:

“Hateful Words Always Precede Hateful Deeds”


20th anniversary of first WTC bombing: Does anyone care?

Andrew McCarthy (read the whole thing):

After the Blind Sheikhs and the bin Ladens have softened up the target, it is the Brothers who beguile us. Impeccably well-mannered and wearing neatly tailored suits, they flack for Hamas and maintain, straight-faced, that free speech is not so much a right to condemn their totalitarian ideology as a responsibility to suppress examination of it. (…)

When a nation defends itself from sharia encroachment, it is smeared as being “at war with Islam” and its truth-tellers are smeared as racists.

Just a reminder about the people who regularly call me a “racist”:

Warren Kinsella says he’s met Muslim Brotherhood “moderates” in Canada and they’re cool with him.

And Bernie Farber addressed a Muslim Brotherhood front group in 2007.


Remember that time Warren Kinsella tried to keep me off the radio?

This never gets old!


Just a reminder that the Archdiocese of Toronto employs Kinsella’s Daisy Consulting Group.

RE: the latest adventure, I see Kinsella has erased all his replies to McHale, in which he called McHale nasty names.

Thank God for screen shots.


Warren Kinsella: Wrong again — three times in one week

UPDATE: Yep, I’m breaking my “No blogging about spree shootings, day-of.” Hope I don’t regret it.

Also, I’m just seeing now that the suspect is African-American, so people will have to rethink the whole “Spree shootings are a white guy crime because they presume advanced planning” theory.


Kinsella last year:

“Left wing mass murderers generally don’t exist” and “If you don’t favor a ban on private ownership of handguns, you’re a f***ing idiot.”

Breaking news:

[A] former Los Angeles police officer [has] gone rogue, allegedly shooting three officers and hunting others and their families after he was fired from the police force.

The suspect, Chris Dorner, posted a manifesto on the web, but media are ignoring some of its key passages. Dorner’s rant begins with an attempt to justify his crimes, and then reveals a man steeped in typical Think Progress, Media Matters style leftist thinking.

His writing reads like a regurgitation of media narratives he could pick up on any mainstream leftist web site or media outlet. The same media are now censoring his manifesto. This comes just a day after news broke that another leftist gunman used leftwing propaganda to launch an armed attack on the conservative Family Research Council.

Most media have ignored that angle, too.

A couple of days before that, a mass killer confessed to being taught to hate white people in college. That hasn’t become a media narrative, either.

Update: KTLA posted most, but not all, of Dorner’s manifesto. They left out all the parts in which he espouses leftist and anti-gun views.


Warren Kinsella loses another one!

I love it.


Cocktail Party Coyne: Genetic lottery winner who can’t even control his own domain name trashes Sun TV

Writes the once-removed Trudeau spawn:

There just aren’t words for this kind of gall. Even by the standards of the cultural sector, it’s breathtaking: proof, yet again, that the only thing you need to succeed in Canadian business is utter shamelessness, coupled with an invincible sense of entitlement to the public’s money.

Cocktail Party Coyne gets $500 of the public’s money each time he goes on CBC to spout his “wisdom.”

Note how he sarcastically describes the sum as “princely.” Interesting choice of words for a member of Canadian genetic elite royalty. Many of us lowly peons wouldn’t describe half a thousand bucks a week as meager. But then, our moms didn’t screw some famous guy, so…

On “real” TV, guests often don’t get paid.  That would be considered “paying for news,” which used to be a journalistic no-no.

Liberalism: It’s different when “they” do it!

Anyway: kick Cocktail Party Coyne in the virtuals and sign the Sun petition already…

Although now that Warren “Oscar” Kinsella has endorsed it, I fear the cause may be doomed.