As TCM celebrates 20 years: Rethinking the Classics


On the other hand, TCM does an extraordinary job of connecting the past to the present.  Take that showing tonight of The Remains of the Day.  It’s followed by a couple of movies from 1935 and 1936, If You Could Only Cook and My Man Godfrey, respectively, that explore the themes of upstairs/downstairs class structures in a much more lighthearted way from another time, though actually taking place at about the same point in history as the story in The Remains of the Day.


Boxing, jihad and… Justin Trudeau?

At the end of his post on the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, Mark Steyn writes:

Like the photographs of Mrs. Tsarnaeva then and now, these are stories of dis-assimilation, of secularized Easterners who in the vacuum of Western multiculturalism search for identity and find a one-stop shop in Islamic imperialism.

Either that, or it’s the local gym. Like Lors and Tamerlan, the Aussie sheikh and the Canuck terrorist were boxers.

For African-Americans, boxing used to be the way out of the ghetto. For Western Muslims, boxing is apparently the way out of Cambridge, Mass. — and straight into jihad.

Earlier this morning, a loyal 5FF reader sent me this link; his subject line was “why is it that some terrorists look like younger versions of Justin [Trudeau]?”

Frankly, I don’t see the resemblance in the link above.

But that Boston bomber that Rolling Stone put on the cover is another matter.

Anyway, we all know that Justin thinks these guys are just “misunderstood” — and that he’s not a bad boxer himself.


‘Mom… Dad… I’m fine…’ — Looking back at the whole Patty Hearst thing

Stella Moribito looks back:

For several weeks, she was blindfolded, confined to a smelly closet, tormented, periodically raped, and subjected to a coarse Maoist style program of indoctrination and re-education. (…)

The leader Donald “Cinque” DeFreeze and the others propagandized and interrogated her constantly, explaining that “Amerikkka” was a racist and evil society, repeatedly calling her a privileged “bourgeoise bitch” and her father a “pig” of the “corporate fascist state.”

Leading Ed Driscoll to quip:

So pretty much like life at the average elite university…


‘Respected Twitter engineer’ is a transsexual rapist or something

Gavin McInnes is trying to figure this out:

This guy’s name is Kat Callahan and he’s memorized all the crazy terms these people use like cis scum and bio female. They seem to have it all figured out until this “respected” rapist came along and fucked up the whole system. If he has a vagina, what did he do to this chick, scissor her to death? I know we’re not allowed to ask questions but this is apparently rape. That’s kind of a big deal.


NEW Nick DiPaolo podcast: Chatting with Robert Kelly, and more

Mark Steyn: The Slow Death of Free Speech

The latest Spectator cover story:

The Leveson Inquiry declaration of support signed by all those London luvvies like Emma Thompson, Tom Stoppard, Maggie Smith, Bob Geldof and Ian McKellen is the stage that comes after that House of Commons Science and Technology Committee — when the most creative spirits in our society all suddenly say: ‘Ooh, yes, please, state regulation, bring it on!’

Many of the eminent thespians who signed this letter started their careers in an era when every play performed in the West End had to be approved by the Queen’s Lord Chamberlain.

Presented with a script that contained three ‘fucks’ and an explicit reference to anal sex, he’d inform the producer that he would be permitted two ‘crikeys’ and a hint of heavy petting.

In 1968, he lost his censorship powers, and the previously banned Hair, of all anodyne trifles, could finally be seen on the London stage: this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius.

Only four and a half decades after the censor’s departure, British liberals are panting for the reimposition of censorship under a new ‘Royal Charter’.

This is the aging of the dawn of Aquarius: new blasphemy laws for progressive pieties.


‘Babies Cry Out Of Spite’


Or…. is it…?


How I Doubled My Freelance Income in Two Years (Part 2)

My series at PJMedia continues, with some seemingly contradictory, even counterintuitive advice…


The Executive Editor of the New York Times has four tattoos

Your moral and intellectual superiors!


How Uncanny Was My Valley? My NEW Taki’s column…

…looks at the “BoyfriendTwin” phenomenon: called it “the strangest phenomenon you’ll see today,” and this is the same website that offers up a sexually explicit interview with comedian Hannibal Buress, in which he remembers one groupie who “wanted me to flick pickle juice into her eyes.”

BoyfriendTwin is a Tumblr site—its motto: “What’s sexier than dating yourself?”—that collects photographs of male couples that look alike. Really, really alike. More so than some twins you’ve seen.

Now, maybe I’m dating myself, but I happen to know that so-called “clones” have played a big part in gay culture since before Stonewall. But these BoyfriendTwin guys have taken it to the next creepy level.


‘Courtney Love is bored of being ‘badass”

“People expect this badass behaviour from you, but I’m just bored of it,” she sighed to NME magazine.

“So I’ll be that girl onstage, but I’m just over it. Taking my bra off and showing my boobs was fun for a while, but I’m 50 and I’m not gonna show my boobs. You’ll still get the unexpected, but I don’t really have the desire to be a cliche.”

All 28 ‘killer creature’ covers of Man’s Life magazine


“Three of them are among my favorite examples of gonzo “killer” creature concepts: killer snapping turtles (May 1957), killer flying squirrels (August) and killer spider monkeys (November).”

Someone just uploaded a new-to-me ‘Tough Crowd’ with DiPaolo, Louis CK (video)

‘Don’t declare newspapers dead when you’re applying for a job at a newspaper company’

Oh, I dunno…

Maybe “newspapers are dead” because the time has long passed when a contrarian like this would be snapped up by an equally independent-minded editor.


BREAKING: American pro-family activist LaBarbera arrested in Canada

LifeSiteNews has the report and VIDEO:

He insisted on being arrested after Bill Whatcott was taken into custody:

The pair were at the University with a poster depicting a child killed by abortion and a sign saying ‘sodomy is a sin’.  At first Whatcott was asked to leave the campus by campus security accompanied by police. Whatcott responded noting that he had won two court cases (on freedom of speech) adding that “I do believe I have a charter right to speak here.”

During Whatcott’s arrest a couple of students can be heard saying that he deserves freedom of speech. But many others, as the two are led away handcuffed, hoot cheers and clap.  Hate messages threatening Whatcott and LaBarbera with death can be read in tweets pointing to coverage of the arrest.

The Regina police report on the incident notes that LaBarbera and Whatcott were charged with mischief for “willfully interfering with the lawful use, enjoyment or operation of property, to wit: the University of Regina”.

Prior to entering Canada LaBarbera had been targeted by a makeshift group known as “Intolerance Free Weyburn,” which pressured the government to deny him access to the country. LaBarbera was detained at customs for three hours of intensive search of his belongings and computer before being initially denied entrance into Canada. After an appeal the following day he was allowed in to attend his speaking engagement with the Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association.