Theodore Dalrymple doesn’t ‘care about the health of our planet’ either

Theodore Dalrymple writes:

It must be a terrible thing to have such boring thoughts, not occasionally but repeatedly, if not constantly, and feel obliged to express them.


Jim Goad: The Vanishing Yokel

Jim Goad writes:

The feds claim that Bundy owes them roughly $1 million in “grazing fees” that have gone unpaid since 1993. They also say that he’s stubbornly ignored a 1998 court order to remove his cattle from public land set aside for the preservation of the desert tortoise, a creature that federal officials apparently value more than they do cattle ranchers.

According to statistics from 2012, the US federal government claims ownership of 81% of Nevada’s land. The feds refer to such areas of conquest as “public lands.” We are told that “the people” own them, which must be the reason why the people are forbidden from owning them.


That time the KKK sued Warner Brothers for trademark infringement

As tends to happen over there, this Trailers From Hell treat is marred by the narrator’s — in this case, Joe Dante’s — bitchy, fact-free, knee-jerk liberal asides.

Must be nice, Joe:

After all, you don’t really have to worry about an immigrant taking your job, do you?

KKK guy who shot up Kansas Jewish center ran for office as Democrat, Republican and Independent

Guess which one you’ll hear about least.

In 2012, Gabriel Malor wrote, “The media’s habitual blaming of the political right is endemic and incurable. Media figures sincerely believe the right wing is violent, so naturally assume that violent people must be right-wing. This won’t be the last time they make that mistake.”

And it wasn’t — Malor quotes himself at the bottom of a new post today, titled “The Tweetable Guide To Media Myths And Left-wing Violence,” rounding up numerous examples of the media either inventing a rightwing boogieman when a murder — particularly a gun-related murder — occurs, or as with the Denver Post, airbrushing evidence if the suspect is on the left, or both.



Regularly scheduled blogging will resume…

Even more deadlines than usual this Sunday, plus we’re going out. (Two days in a row!)

Until I get back, enjoy today’s black and white Indian head test pattern, “Burlesque dancer Zorita walks her pet snake, 1937,” via VintageGal.


Speaking of TCM: ‘Go, Johnny, Go!’ (1959) airs Tuesday at midnight

This movie should really have been called “Mostly Embarrassing White People, Except For That Guy, and the Other One.”

Yeah, let’s interrupt this performance…


‘Disco Godfather’ (1979) AND ‘Shaft’ (1971) tonight on TCM starting 2 am ET

With bonus short, “Tear Gas in Law Enforcement” (1962)!

Happy birthday, Tony James of the London SS, Generation X, Sigue Sigue Sputnick, Carbon/Silicon

The London SS:

Bernie Rhodes: The London SS were 3 guys, Mick Jones, Tony James, and Brian James. I got them in a rehearsal room and watched them for two weeks, and I said “You can fuck off but Mick can stay”…at one time Rat Scabies was in too. The London SS was a load of bollocks.

2008 interview.

“The Futuristic Genius of Sigue Sigue Sputnik?!”

“It’s one of the greatest unsung stories in rock and roll…”

NYT 2007:

 “We met at a Heavy Metal Kids show,” said Mr. Jones, 52, recalling the encounter that led to their first short-lived act, London SS, in 1975. “We had the same feathered haircut,” he said, his Cockney accent thick and twangy.

“I would like to think of it more as Johnny Thunders’s hair,” Mr. James, 53, said in jest to his longtime friend.

“It was a mullet; and this was pre-hair rock,” Mr. Jones said, suggesting that he and his pal introduced the coif before its ’80s ubiquity. “Now you need no hair,” he added self-deprecatingly.

“You need more light when you get older,” Mr. James said, hunching over the menu to decipher the gothic print.

Mr. Jones explained that he doesn’t consume meat or dairy. “I read about how animals experience fear on the way to slaughter,” he said. “I didn’t want to eat that. I figured it would make me a stronger person.”

Mr. James, conversely, spoke of his ongoing war with the pests invading his weekend house in the English countryside. “We’re repatriating the snails,” he said. “I used to cut their heads off, but I’m trying to be a more caring person.” Glancing at Mr. Jones, he conceded: “I watch Fox News. I’m a conservative. Mick’s the socialist side.” (Earlier, at the Strand Book Store, Mr. Jones had picked up Senator Barack Obama’s book “The Audacity of Hope.”)

Face it: America is over, part XVII

That’s me talking, by the way.

Meanwhile, Mark Steyn writes:

A couple of paragraphs back, I compared Fort Hood and Pearl Harbor as enemy attacks on US military bases. They’re different in one key respect, of course: These days a sclerotic republic can’t even convict a confessed killer in less time than it took to win the Second World War. Pearl Harbor to the Japanese surrender: three years, eight months, eight days. Fort Hood to the opening of Hasan’s trial: three years, nine months, one day.


Yeah, that may or may not be the case, but that’s Mick Jones…

This site is a mesmerizing glimpse into the female psyche.

And I think it’s getting weirder…


They don’t write ‘em like this any more: Hoagy Carmichael in ‘To Have and Have Not’ (1944)

‘Given that these 250,000 people are both members of a labor union and in France…’

 I’m willing to bet they really aren’t doing much work before 6 pm either…

Or before then, for that matter.


Talk Radio Watch: Weekly recap of conservative talk radio highlights

My NEW Talk Radio Watch column is now up!

Enjoy FREE audio clips from the week in conservative talk radio, including:

  • Why Glen Beck thinks Eric Holder is “a psychopath”
  • Michael Savage calls Al Sharpton one of the worst people in America
  • Mark Levin says Jeb is “the stupidest of the Bushes”


Mark Steyn and Hugh Hewitt’s guest host Jamie Weinstein talk about the news of the day, especially Brandeis University vs. Ayaan Hirsi Ali (audio here via @FlyoverCountry)

Meanwhile, on their newest podcast episode, Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew talk about the differences between girls and boys.

For example, his daughter is suddenly more affectionate towards Adam now that he has a new TV show:


MUST READ: Media mobbing victim Tom Flanagan tells his tale

National Post:

The last year of Tom Flanagan’s life offers proof that success is the best revenge. In early 2013, his detractors vilified him as an apologist for pedophilia, and hounded him out of prestigious roles as a pundit and public speaker.

But his exile turned out to be temporary: Instead of curling up in a ball and retreating from public life, he took to the media, and explained forthrightly why he’d said what he did. And in time, a backlash grew against those who had rushed to judgment.

Now, Flanagan has written a fascinating (and surprisingly wide-ranging) book about the experience.

In Persona Non Grata he describes not only the effect that the ordeal had on his life, but also the lessons it taught him about mob behaviour, modern politics, social media and Canada’s anti-pornography laws.


Anne Frank: Still not dead enough?

Brendan Simms writes:

A new exhibition in Ely Cathedral, Cambridge, Anne Frank and You, falls into the ‘learning lessons from the Holocaust’ camp. (…)

Surprisingly, there is nothing about present-day anti-Semitism, though perhaps this may be taken as read.  It has all the virtues and some of the faults of that genre. (…)

Sadly, modern anti-Semitism is not a negation of multi-culturalism, but in some respects a result of it.

Perhaps the only occasion when the extreme right and extreme left sit down together in harmony is when they combine to descry the power of international Jewry (sometimes thinly disguised as ‘Zionism’).

Here, diversity is not the solution, but part of the problem, because an extreme desire to respect it often means tolerating extreme intolerance.