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Toronto 2009: “Jewish child, you are gonna fuckin’ die!”

“Two, three, four generations of Jews helped build up this city. Now look at it…”

I guess Bernie Farber of the Canadian Jewish Congress, and his best friend the Lying Jackal, and The Guy Who Is Suing Us, were all too busy chasing imaginary Nazis on the internet to be there.

I guess Truffles the Hobbit, the young Liberal Party hack who threatened to take me to court for being an anti-semite (because I joked that he was “too stupid to really be Jewish”) was too busy to be there.

But I was there.

A puny Catholic gal and 12 — count ‘em — 12 Jewish people showed up to counter-demo a big (5000+?) anti-Israel, anti-semitic rally in Toronto yesterday.

UPDATE: video by unsung chronicler of the Canadian free speech movement, “Mississauga Matt”.

I didn’t write about this yesterday because I had no internet for hours (“somebody”, according to the Rogers tech, “had pulled out our phone line” or something.)

Also because, frankly, I spent most of the demo on the verge of tears and needed to sit on this for a while.

One Jewish protester explained the small Jewish presence by citing the Sabbath.

“That’s crazy,” said a woman who came later and let me hold her Israel flag for a while:

“There aren’t enough Orthodox in Toronto for that to matter. Thursday night they had a rally at a synagogue. A synagogue? Why, so they can hide and feel safe in there? Who sees you in there?”

Before I showed up, union big wig Sid Ryan gave a speech talking about how he understood what it was like to be oppressed because he was Irish.