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BREAKING: Ezra Levant being sued — by same guy who went after Mark Steyn! (UPDATED)


Mark Steyn will be holding a special ONLINE FUNDRAISER for Ezra Levant’s legal fund THIS WEDNESDAY, July 29.

Steyn writes:

Khurrum Awan may be too stupid even for employment as an identity-group grievance-monger in latterday Trudeaupia. Although the libel notice purports to be the work of Brian Shiller, the semi-literate rambling and pronoun confusion betrays its true author…

So, as we did on Warman Wednesday last year, this week we’ll be holding a Khurrum Awadnesday over at the Steyn Store to raise a little dough for Ezra’s legal bills. Hope you’ll swing by.

Canadians who value freedom owe this man a lot. Ezra has shown real courage at a huge cost to a young family these last couple of years. Let’s stand with him.


This (Monday) morning, Ezra Levant has a new post. Be sure to read the whole thing. Here’s an excerpt:

I don’t think that any of us would have been as engaged by the HRCs had they not forcibly engaged Mark Steyn and me with human rights complaints, and later other bloggers through nuisance suits.

 I don’t think that Richard Warman’s streak of neo-Nazi outbursts would have been denounced as “disappointing and disturbing” by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal were it not for the massive publicity that he brought upon himself by suing me, Kate, Kathy, Connie, Mark and the Post.

And now Khurrum Awan is signing up for a little bit of that. (…)

To battle stations!