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Kwanzaa: my annual debunking of Kwanzaa begins

Thanks to someone on Twitter (who said they look forward to this the same way they look forward to watching The Grinch…) I just remembered I’d better post my anti-Kwanzaa stuff asap.

Basically, it was a column about Kwanzaa that put me on the path of political punditry. I submitted it as my usual Toronto Star religion column, and it got spiked. The editor said, “Look, Kwanzaa might be a fake holiday invented by a convicted felon, but why put a damper on people’s fun?”

Not long after that, I was out, following a “redesign.” Yep. So I sent the column to (the then) Alberta Report, and my “career” (har har) as a rightwing writer was on its way.

So here are some of my greatest Kwanzaa hits:

“Kwanzaa: My Part In Its Downfall”

“Kwanzaa: violent 60s radical invented fake holiday”

And my infamous Kwanzaa Poem, “Twas the Night Before Kwanzaa”.

(Was the poem “banned by AOL”? You decide.)