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Toronto Muslim: ‘We need another Holocaust!’ (UPDATED)

Today Arnie and I attended that protest outside (tax payer funded) Palestine House, where a genocidal Muslim VIP will be speaking tomorrow night.

Speaking of genocide: we have video of one Muslim guy in the Palestine House parking lot, yelling, “We need another Holocaust” at the JDL/Yidden on Wheels protesters:

Much more video to follow, which hopefully captures other Muslim jihad-abees yelling, “We love jihad! We love killing,” which I also heard distinctly. [UPDATE: got them. Scroll down for links.]

(Bernie Farber wasn’t there today, btw. Weird…)

Lumpy, Grumpy and Frumpy has pix of Yidden on Wheels, and video of the crowd at Palestine House yelling:

“We love jihad. We love killing you. We love it. No, we love it. We love killing dogs… your bitches with you. What do your women taste like?” 

So besides hosting genocidal Muslim speakers, what else goes on at taxpayer funded Palestine House, just outside Toronto?

They teach English to immigrants, silly!


The reporter the Toronto Star sent to cover the event was relieved when she was able to file her story about calls for genocide outside a taxpayer funded venue “petty racism” (yawn) and make it to a movie last night. Phew!

Meanwhile, Meir Weinstein patiently tried to give her a lesson in perspective. Not sure it took.


More video of Toronto Muslims disrespecting the singing of the national anthem, throwing coins at Jews, unzipping their pants and comparing Jews to monkeys.