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I wish the Globe & Mail would run that smear piece about me after all

I’d love to see what the “slug” would be, so I could frame it and put it over my computer as the sympathy donations poured into my PayPal — like they’re doing with Rob Ford right about now.



The (entertainment, merchandising and never-ending publicity) possibilities are endless.

I knew I shouldn’t have lost all that weight…

Right now, hundreds of young and not-so-young people across the country are working to finish some assignment for their university “Journalism” course.

They paid thousands of bucks (or their parents did, or I did, cuz they got government grants and loans) to take these courses and get a degree.


Let me tell you How Canadian Journalism Works, in two easy lessons, for free:

Lesson One, via my inbox just now:

“Did you know that Stephen Marche, who wrote that ‘Rob Ford is a fatty fatty fat fat’ piece, is Robert Fulford’s son-in-law?

“Married to Sarah, editor of Toronto Life’”

And here’s… Lesson Two.

That, despite this.

And any number of other things.

This morning, I felt enthusiasm for Sun TV News plummet.

Didn’t you?