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Richard “The Guy Who Is Suing Us” Warman in Jon Ronson’s “Them: Adventures with Extremists”

Jon Ronson, a Jewish journalist (yes, that’s relevant, as he repeatedly insists), hung out with crazy Jihadists, Alex Jones, militia types, Bilderberg obsessed conspiracy theorists and so forth, and recounted his adventures in his 2002 book Them: Adventures with Extremists (Simon & Shuster).

Now, if you’ve been following Ezra Levant’s blog, and read his Statement of Defence, you’ll be familiar with another extremist named David Icke, who believes that the Queen and other leaders are shape-shifting space lizards who form a secret cult that runs the world.

Icke attracted the ire of Richard Warman and the folks at something called Anti-Racist Action (which, like so many “anti-racist” progressives, turn out to be fascist brainwashed twits and accidental collaborators with the real enemy).

For example, this is from the BC Civil Liberties Association’s 2003 annual report:

Richard Warman wrote the Kamloops library, which had included [David Icke’s] book in their collection, alleging that the book defamed him. He requested that the library pull the book, threatening to add the library as a defamation defendant if it refused. On the advice of legal counsel, the library removed the book from circulation.

The BCCLA took swift action, contacting Attorney General Geoff Plant and expressing concern about the chilling effect that this type of prior restraint could pose.

Unfortunately, the story gets worse. The BC Library Association ran, essentially, a news story about the Kamloops situation on a portion of its website titled “Censorship in BC.” The Library Association reported on the content of the book and Mr. Warman’s threat of suit. This came to Mr. Warman’s attention and he again threatened to sue.