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Two Sides, One Cupp: my NEW piece at Taki’s

What I think of the S.E. Cupp thingie. (Hint: Not much):

I hate “civility.”

Conservatives aren’t supposed to buy into Marxist concepts such as “misogyny.”

Left and right shouldn’t “get along,” especially not based on anything this flimsy and asinine.

Pretty much every woman writer on the Web gets Photoshopped. Our Wikipedia entries are hijacked. We get sued and insulted. We get death threats and rape threats. I hate it.

But crude, unhinged vitriol is the very connective tissue of the online environment in which we’ve chosen to work.

In other news, water is wet.

Fight back with all your strength and wit. But remember: To the average American, this “controversy” is just another Big Media circle jerk.

My only advice to S. E. Cupp: Next time you go on TV and the subject is blowjobs, leave the pearl necklace at home.