5 Feet of Fury

‘Let’s call it what it is: iMcCarthyism’

Crowdsourced witch trials. The sheltered upbringings of Millennials have merged with modern technology to create a generation of monsters. Every underemployed bookstore barista is Cotton Mather, raining down moral condemnation from the safety of her smartphone. Each cry of “Wow, just wow, I can’t even” is a Hail Mary for these latter-day Puritans.

It’s a shock for those accustomed to youth revolting against their parents to see Millennials begging authority figures for approval. The Baby Boomer mantra of “Don’t trust anyone over 30” is deader than Jim Morrison, as is the cynicism of Generation X. Left-wing Twitter witch-hunts are powerful precisely because young women are desperate for a mommy figure to pat them on the head for being good little girls.