5 Feet of Fury

Life imitates Lord Copper: “strong mutually antagonistic governments everywhere”

Steve Sailer writes:

Thus the most liberal institutions in America, colleges, are presently self-destructing during the Black Autumn. They are paying the price for encouraging their lowest-IQ denizens, football players and other blacks admitted under affirmative-action standards, to act out in tantrums of racial animus against white liberal administrators.

But why would blacks self-discipline themselves when they are rewarded for infantile outbursts? (…)

Life imitates Lord Copper: “strong mutually antagonistic governments everywhere”

The leading writers of the age are growing concerned about this central challenge of our time. Michel Houellebecq’s new novel, Submission, envisions a future France where the white left and center, simply for the satisfaction of frustrating the white right, barter the presidency to the Muslims. Even more disturbingly in Houellebecq’s insidious plot, disloyal, deracinated men of the right then find justifications to welcome their new Iron Age overlords.

I don’t agree. Besides Houellebecq, which major fiction writers are writing about what matters?

But remember:

Only at Taki’s, via Sailer, did you read about the black-football-player-campus-rapes at Mizzou that preceded the recent tantrum throwing.

Turns out that the only place in America where there WERE campus rapes has decided to pick on white teachers and Asian student journalists instead!

I call it “squirrel!ing.”