5 Feet of Fury

Milo speaks frankly about gay culture, suddenly everyone shocked

Guys, seriously.

When you invite someone as gay as Milo to speak at CPAC or whatever, here’s the thing:

Gay people are not the angelic eunuchs of your Will and Grace straight fantasies.

As pretty much any of them will tell you — ask Tammy Bruce — a huge part of gay culture is the initiation of teen boys into the life by older men.

I’m not saying I approve. But it’s a thing and acting shocked makes you look like a bumpkin.

Interestingly, like Muslims, they will not call this “pedophilia.”

And there’s actually a LOT more interesting stuff going on here… Ignore the irritating “captions.”

This will annoy a lot of people, but I don’t care:

Do you know why they had to make it against the law for grown men to have sex with teenaged girls?

Because otherwise a lot of them would.

And a lot of teenaged girls would be “happy” about it, because, as Milo says, some (through a wiring problem? Just cuz) would get off on having that kind of “power” over a man or men.

Ultimately, it screws everybody and everything up, though, so we rightly want to do everything we can to discourage it.

It still happens, though.

I’m just making honest observations about human nature and sexuality here.

In his own crazy way, so is Milo.